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Tips for How to Stage a Bedroom to sell!


Home staging ideas, How to stage a bedroom, decorate a bedroom for sale, celebrating everyday life with jennifer carroll
Let’s talk about How to Stage a Bedroom to Sell!

Because no matter if you are flipping houses to make extra money, down-sizing, up-sizing, moving for a job, or any other reason, if you find yourself in a position where you are trying to sell your home, I know you want to get top dollar for your house, right?


Then read on for my proven tips to help you stage your home and make more money! 🙂

Home Staging Before + After, Home staging ideas, How to stage a bedroom, decorate a bedroom for sale, celebrating everyday life with jennifer carrollDid you know that statistics show that empty houses are harder to sell because it can be challenging for many people to imagine how spaces can be set up? (I get excited about empty spaces to decorate, but that's just me!)

The opposite is also true – if a room is too cluttered and full, potential buyers have trouble looking past all the stuff.

1- So rule number one for staging is less is more, but there is a balance.

Sometimes, less is just, well, less. And that’s not necessarily helpful either.

So be careful that you don’t get to spare and lose all sense of style.

Home Staging Before + After, Home staging ideas, How to stage a bedroom, decorate a bedroom for sale, celebrating everyday life with jennifer carrollThe home I’m sharing here is an older home with decent but not overly large rooms. I’m a firm believer that you can still have great style even in small spaces.

The key is to not overfill the room with clutter. So, I kept my design simple.

[convertkit form=853797]



Curate every item you bring in. Is it adding to the overall decor scheme? There’s no room for fluff when you are going for a simple and striking room.
Since this house was empty, my first task in this room was to install a bed – after all, what’s a bedroom without a bed?!
Home Staging Before + After, Home staging ideas, How to stage a bedroom, decorate a bedroom for sale, celebrating everyday life with jennifer carroll2- Rule #2 for staging is to create a budget and stick to it as much as possible. After all, we’re trying to add to our bottom line here.
You might think you have to get a fancy headboard and mattress to really “sell” a room, and while those things are nice, they aren’t actual “must-haves”. In fact, this room has an air mattress (affiliate link) in it!
There are a few secrets to making an air mattress really work.
  1. You must elevate it off the floor. No compromise. This is not a college dorm room, so please get it up off the floor. I used empty storage tubs to do this. They were the same tubs that I packed everything into that I brought to decorate the house. Making this not only handy but also easy and affordable. I used a total of six tubs, three on each side.
  2. Fake a headboard. The mattress I used has a built-in headboard which I have a love/hate relationship with. It’s not attractive – at all (which is the hate part) but it does provide a backdrop for me to prop some Euro Pillows (large square pillows) against which helps disguise the fact that there isn’t a “real” headboard here.
Since the inflatable headboard was really not the look I was going for. In addition to the Euro pillows, a large piece of artwork (hung from Command Strips (affiliate link) so that I’m not putting holes in the walls) did a good job of masking the fact that there isn’t an actual headboard.

Home Staging Before + After, Home staging ideas, How to stage a bedroom, decorate a bedroom for sale, celebrating everyday life with jennifer carrollTo complete the bed scene, I painted two inexpensive side tables with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Paris Grey to help them look more like a pair without being too matchy-matchy.

The light gray color keeps the room feeling light and bright, and also is on trend right now. Matching mercury glass lamps and a couple of accessories round out each nightstand and make the space feel warm and inviting.
To give the feeling of furniture in the space – but without having to physically move in a heavy chest of drawers – I placed a leaning mirror with a heavy wooden frame and a bamboo tray table. The tall mirror helps the space “feel larger” which is always a bonus! and lets buyers get a feel for furniture in the room.

Home Staging Before + After, Home staging ideas, How to stage a bedroom, decorate a bedroom for sale, celebrating everyday life with jennifer carrollCrisp white bed linens, paired with aqua blue accents, are a perfect compliment to the existing wall paint color. Plus, even if a potential buyer doesn’t love the blue, by having the majority of the bed in white, they are having to use much less imagination to envision making this room their own.

The drapes were left by the homeowner and the darker color added a bit of drama to the space. In a perfect world, the drapes should be hung higher to make the room feel taller, but these were already there so we worked with it.

Remember how I said at the beginning of this post that these were proven techniques?

Well, in case you’re wondering, this home sold within 24 hours of being listed! It had over 6 offers and sold for more than list price!!

I was so proud and excited to play a role in helping this family sell their home all while getting to do something that I truly love to do!!

Home Staging Before + After, Home staging ideas, How to stage a bedroom, decorate a bedroom for sale, celebrating everyday life with jennifer carroll

Here are some tips I have for you when staging a bedroom to sell!
  1. Don’t overfill the space – consider taking some furniture out of the room if necessary so that it feels roomy.You may even want to temporarily store your king sized bed and replace it with a Queen sized air mattress! (Note, if you are going to be actually sleeping on an air mattress do not use the plastic tubs as a base, those are for staging purposes only!)
  2. Bedrooms are havens that we all want to retreat to at the end of a busy day, use soothing serene colors so potential buyers feel like they are entering a “retreat,” almost spa-like room. It will make an impression! Blue is reported to be a very good color choice for bedrooms.
  3. Keep your decor, especially bed linens, neutral. You want as few negative distractions as possible and dated fabrics are a quick “turn-off” to everyone.
  4. Consider hiring a professional decorator or stager if you are selling your home. While a good stager will cost a little bit of money, you could end up making thousands more in your final sale price, just like these homeowners did!

I hope you picked up a bit of inspiration for How to Stage a Bedroom to Sell! And even if you aren't selling your home I hope it was helpful, after all, who doesn't love a serene bedroom? I know I do!!

See anything you like? Here's a list of RESOURCES I used to pull together this look. Please note these links below are affiliate links. If you purchase an item from here I might make a commission. Please note this will not affect the price you pay at all, it will simply help me continue to bring you great content like this. Thank you!


White “Fabiana” 8-piece comforter set – Target | Similar White Comforter Sets – Amazon
Blue Threshold brand Taped Solid Toss Pillows – Target | Similar Aqua Throw Pillows – Amazon
Ancient Aqua Threshold Sweater Knit Blanket  – Target | Similar Aqua Blankets – Amazon
Canvas painted artwork – Target
Brown wood tone standing floor mirror – Target | Similar leaning wall mirrors – Amazon
Dark grey drapes – Target
Mercury Glass lamps – Target | Similar Mercury Glass lamps – Amazon
White porcelain trophy – Target
White faux coral –  Target | Similar white faux coral – Amazon
“Love, Love, Love” framed print – Home Goods | Similar “Love, Love, Love” framed prints – Amazon
Side Tables – Phillips Discount Furniture, Charlottesville, VA
Small blue & white ginger jar – eBay | A collection of Blue & White Ginger Jars – Amazon
Green bird statues – Old Lucketts Store
Blue & White Accent Rug – Ross Dress for Less | Similar Blue & White Trellis Accent Rugs – Amazon
Bamboo Side table – Ross Dress for Less


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Home staging ideas, How to stage a bedroom, decorate a bedroom for sale, celebrating everyday life with jennifer carroll

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Home Staging Before + After, Home staging ideas, How to stage a bedroom, decorate a bedroom for sale, celebrating everyday life with jennifer carroll

Happy Celebrating!

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  1. Oh you are sooo good!! It is amazing how some things just drop in our laps — it is meant to be. You are doing what you love and what you feel passionate about. That is certainly a win-win. All of the tidbits of advice will certainly make good copy — plus pictures. Big Hugs!!

    1. > Thank you so, so much Marisa! You are such a fabulous encourager! xoxo

  2. Thanks for sharing. I’m having a horrible time down sizing from going from four-five spacious bedroom houses, to now a three small bedroom house that I find very difficult to get rid of the clutter from downsizing. ..I notice many times people won’t have a dresser in their bedroom when designing a room. They must be impeccably organized. I’m a firm believer though,”the way u keep ur home, reflects ur emotional well being”. I’m at the point, (other than pictures of my child & personal keepsakes), of getting rid if completely everything. Thanks again for sharing. Your staging is refreshing, inviting, & inspirational for me.

    1. > Oh goodness Brandy – I can so relate and I totally agree – I always feel better and more clear headed when my house is tidy! Funny how those two seem to be tied to each other. I’m about to tackle a big clothing purging project with my closet and dresser and am bracing myself for it. I know I’ll feel better when I’ve decluttered some of this stuff but it feels like a huge task to do it so I’m dreading it too. Let’s each take deep breaths and jump in! Thanks so much for sharing!! 🙂

    2. Omg I feel the same way! I want to stage my place and keep it that way after.lol

  3. I just love how the staging turned out! Can’t wait to see more

    1. > Yay! Thanks JP!! I’m really glad you like this because there is lots more coming soon! 🙂

  4. Would you please tell me where you got the side tables and bedding from? I’ve been desperately trying to find accent pieces like those (the mirror too) but can’t find them unless I look at full price websites or stores. Thank you!

    1. > Hi Caroline, I know hunting for the perfect side tables can be such a challenge! I found these at a local discount furniture store in Charlottesville, VA (called Phillips Discount Furniture) they are old tables that I then painted to give them a fresh new look. The linens and mirror are both from Target. I’ve updated the post with a list of resources and links when I could find them to hopefully help you out. Good luck with your room transformation!

  5. Can you tell me the paint color you used for the walls? I love it!!

  6. Oh this is too much! My Mom just pointed me here after seeing a pin with pictures of our new home! Any chance you are leaving anything? Maybe bathroom towels 😉

    You did a wonderful job staging the home!

    1. > Oh my goodness, Jillian – How fun is it that you are the new owner!! Congratulations on scooping up such a charming house!! I’m just so delighted that you like the decor – hooray!! I’m happy to sell you some items ~ just email me if you are interested and stay tuned for more links on resources for the rest of the home 🙂

  7. I absolutely ADORED your bedroom…until I saw that you had committed a grade one error in decorating 🙁 Please take your curtains to the TOP of the room to make your ceilings look higher and to show off more fabric. Why would one want ‘squares of fabric’ in the middle of the wall with an empty wall above it? But keep up the good work!

    1. > Fiona, I agree that in general, hanging drapes higher is the way to go (when you have enough length to still reach the floor). Alas, the homeowners had hung those and I was asked not to put more holes in the wall so I had to work with what I had (and at least these did come close to the floor). But, like you, low hanging drapes is a pet peeve of mine. One of the challenges of decorating for others is trying to please multiple folks 🙂 I’m so glad you enjoyed the makeover otherwise!! 🙂

  8. Love what you did with this room! (i’m here per link from Centsational Girl) I fell in love with that canvas painting with the gold foil that is above the bed, and have scoured Target for it (found the one on the side wall there). I realize they change their inventory and what’s online might differ, but are you sure that one is from Target? No offense to Target, but with the gold foil-ish it seems too nice for them. 🙂 I tried Home Good and even Ballard Designs but didn’t find it there. thanks for all the great tips!

  9. Great staging … love your use of plastic storage containers with air mattress!!!

  10. Hi,

    I’m a stager/designer, but I did not see where you listed where the art came from. Love love the art. Can you reveal your source, please

    1. Hi Patricia, the canvas artwork is from Target! Happy Staging!!

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    in web development that a beginner can start with to take his/her
    skills to the next level? Any insight would be greatly appreciated!

  13. Thank you for writing such a great tips list for me and other people. I am sure these tips will help to get a bed furniture item for home.

  14. The combination of the colors is so relaxing and comfy. Choosing the right color is really important. Great tips, by the way, this is really helpful. Thanks for sharing!

  15. Furniture and other items in bedrooms vary greatly, depending on taste, local traditions and the socioeconomic status of an individual. An individual’s bedroom is a reflection of their personality, as well as social class and socioeconomic status, and is unique to each person.

  16. Great article. I always say the bedroom is my favourite place to be. I feel like myself in it, so it’s important to stage it to be comfortable for you. But tips are never enough so here are some of mine: mirrors, greenery & white curtains. Use these ideas to make your bedroom room appealing.

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