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{Thanksgiving DIY} How to make your own Thanksgiving Centerpiece

How to make your own Thanksgiving Centerpiece, pheasant feathers, fruit & vegetable centerpiece ideas, artichoke centerpiece

Welcome to my Thanksgiving table for 2012! This year I wanted to create a centerpiece which was easy and affordable but still filled with charm and beauty. So here's my Thanksgiving DIY: How to make your own Thanksgiving Centerpiece! Where to begin? Why the grocery store of course!! This arrangement really was easy. If I did it, you can to! Using items I already owned and a few grocery store supplies (and a craft supply or two!) this arrangement was very easy to pull together.

How to make your own Thanksgiving Centerpiece, pheasant feathers, fruit & vegetable centerpiece ideas, artichoke centerpiece, mini pumpkin with ribbon place card

Want to make one yourself? Here's what you need:

supplies to make your own Thanksgiving centerpiece

Tool Caddy
small bunch of Parsley
small bunch of large Kale Leaves
2 Whole Artichokes
2 Brown Pears
2 Persimmons
Pheasant Feathers
Faux Antlers
small glasses
aluminum foil
saran wrap

how to make your own Thanksgiving centerpiece

:: STEP ONE ::
To begin I wanted to protect my wooden tool caddy so I lined each box with a piece of saran wrap, then layered in some foil and then one more layer of saran wrap. This may be overkilll but I'd rather use up a couple of pieces of foil and wrap and protect my caddy! Then I placed a small tumbler cup inside each cubby. I think one of the reasons that I like working with containers like this tool caddy when flower arranging is that the dividers make it that much easier to layout the arrangement. They give structure to the space.

:: STEP TWO ::
A professional florist will I'm sure, have advice on what should go into your arrangement first. Since I'm not a professional here's what worked for me! First I held my roses up to the side of one of the cups to determine how tall I wanted them to be and cut the stems. Then I placed them in the caddy. I had more of the orange roses so I decided to place those in the two side cups. I found these absolutely gorgeous artichokes in the veggie section and knew I wanted to really “feature” these. So I placed them in each center cup. Tip: If you don't plan to eat these later, you could use a couple bamboo skewers to make a longer “stem” to help the veggies stay in the container. Since I planned to use eat these I just rested them among the veggies and that worked nicely. Next I trimmed the cream roses and placed those around the artichokes in the center cup. Seeing the roses and artichokes in place helped me see where I need to “fill in” with my herbs and other veggies. So next, I tucked in some kale and parsley under and around the roses. At this point the arrangement was beginning to fill up nicely.

how to make a Thanksgiving Centerpiece

We're almost done! Now I added in one pear and one persimmon on each side and then tucked in a couple of berries, pinecones and the pheasant feathers. When using accents like pheasant feathers I usually subscribe to the theory of using odd numbers like 3's and 5's are best. Here I've used 3 on the right side but only 2 on the left – it just felt “right” to me! Regardless, I place them at a jaunty angle!  I think the added height of the feathers adds nice “energy” and interest to the arrangement. You can find feathers like these at your local craft store. I also tucked a few feathers with the charger plates. A few more pinecones on the table and an extra persimmon and a few of the faux antlers that I picked up at Luckett's last week accent the arrangement perfectly.

Gratitude Ribbons for Thanksgiving Centerpiece, how to make your own Thanksgiving centerpiece

I flanked the centerpiece with some of my leftover Halloween pumpkins (Tip: if you don't carve pumpkins they can last for weeks and weeks!) But I gave them a bit of a Thanksgiving dressing by adding what I call “Gratitude Ribbons” to them! These are so simple and the kids will love getting involved in this too! Take a piece of satin ribbon and using a ballpoint pen, write a person, place or thing that you are grateful for onto the ribbon and tie onto the pumpkin stem! I wrote on each end of my ribbon giving that much more room for gratitude!

Finally you can also use your leftover mini pumpkins as placecards (as I did near the top of this post) to make little place cards for each guest using the same method of ribbon and ball point pen.

One of the things I love about this arrangement is the fact that much of it is edible! Just pop it into the fridge overnight and you can saute up those artichokes, kale leaves and parsley. Not too mention slice up those pears. I'm not sure yet how best to eat the Persimmon but I'm going to google to see if I can come up with anything. Have any suggestions? I'd love to hear so please leave a comment!

If you'd like a little more Thanksgiving tablescape inspiration check out my Outdoor Harvest Table!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend and have fun making your very own Thanksgiving centerpiece!

By the way, I'm linking up with French Country Cottage, Savvy Southern Style and Funky Junk Interiors.

Happy Celebrating!

Jennifer Carroll. Celebrating Everyday Life blog


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  1. You have a great imagination and loads of creativity! I absolutely love this. I have been gathering up ideas for a centerpiece and this is one of the sweetest. And to think I can find almost all of it at the grocery store. Love it, Jennifer!


    1. Oh Jane! Thank you so much!!! What a sweet compliment!! I hope you give it a try!! 🙂

  2. That is the most beautiful Thanksgiving centerpiece I have EVER seen – honestly. I cannot wait to see what all you come up with for Christmas!

    1. aw, shucks!! 🙂 Thank you Jill!!!

  3. Very nice, Jennifer! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks Dara!! I’m so happy you like it!!! 🙂

  4. Jennifer i love your arrangement! The mixture of roses and vegetables is beautiful. The ribbons on the pupmpkins for gratitude is such a fun idea. This is our off year. But I am saving this for next year. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

    1. Thank you for “bookmarking” my centerpiece!! What a compliment!!! I hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving!!

  5. Jennifer, this is so stunning. I love it.

    1. Bless you Kim!! Thank you!!!!! 🙂 I am such a fan of yours that it tickles me pink to hear from you!! 🙂

  6. Hi Jennifer. I saw your arrangement featured on another blog and it was so stunning I just had to click over to your blog to read more about it. What a beautiful and creative centerpiece! I am hosting my first Thanksgiving this year and I would love to try to create something similar for the table. Would you please share where you found your tool caddy? It’s darling! Thanks so much!

  7. I’ve found your site today. all I can say, it was really radiate & lively decoration.. very inspired for upcoming Festive season.

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