Home Staging is an amazing tool that, when done correctly, can help you sell your house faster and possibly make more money in the sale. For real. I've seen it happen again and again.

So, if you are selling your house, or even thinking of selling, I want to encourage you to make staging a priority. Best of all, as an experienced professional home stager, I have loads of tips and ideas below to help you get on the right track and stage your home to sell fast!

What is Home Staging?

According to Wikipedia, home staging is the act of presenting a house for sale and helping it to appeal in the best possible way to a multitude of potential buyers.

While I do agree with this definition, I would add that it is about defining your ideal buyer first. Then purposefully styling the house so that buyers can, with hardly any effort, imagine their dream life there.

You don't want buyers to have to think too hard. Buying a house is already overwhelming, and all buyers are hoping that they are “moving up” in some way, even if they're downsizing. As a seller, you want to make this vision as simple for them to see as possible.

So when you are preparing your house to sell, there are a few critical steps that go into it beyond merely putting out some on-trend throw pillows and taking down some family photos.

Selling a house is one of the biggest transactions you will likely ever be part of in your lifetime. I know it has been for me. I've been a buyer, seller, AND I have also been a professional home stager. So no matter what your role is, chances are I've been in your shoes.

The good news is that I have staged homes and had them sell in 24 hours with multiple offers. Which means, I know a thing or two about helping you get the most “bang for your buck” and have lots of ideas to help you make your home stand out!

How to Stage Your House to Sell Fast!

And, because I know that proper home staging can truly make a major difference in the results you can achieve I actually wrote an entire book on the subject! Click here get my how to stage your home book and ALL of my awesome home staging checklists that walk you room by room, space by space through your entire home, inside & outside.

My book is the most comprehensive resource I offer and has everything you can possibly want to help you stage your house in 30 days or less. Click here to get my BEST home staging advice!

I enjoy chatting about how to stage your house to sell fast and have created a variety of posts to help you tackle parts of your home in the posts below. 

Home Staging Tips and Ideas to Get You Started

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