How to Make an Easy Moss Heart for Valentine’s Day

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Moss heart with pink and white banner hanging on a door with a blog of text next to it sharing blog title.

I love adding touches of decor to my home for Valentine's Day, but since I'm still recovering from all the Christmas decorating, I tend to stick to easy Craft projects. This way, I enjoy being crafty and festive without it becoming a major production. Today's tutorial, How to Make an Easy Moss Heart for Valentine's Day, is a great example of what I mean. It's pretty, it's budget-friendly, and most importantly it's EASY! It comes together fast and yet it looks fancy. A win-win!

I thought you might like to make one too, so I'm going to share a tutorial with you. 😊

It makes a very sweet welcome to my craft studio, don't you think?!

Moss heart Wreath hanging on green door with a white chair and a patchwork pillow sitting next to it.

There are two ways to make this, one way is to use a Cricut or other paper-cutting machine like I did, or you can also download my PDF template and cut it out with scissors.

I’m excited to show you how to make this! This post contains some affiliate links for your convenience (which means if you make a purchase after clicking a link I will earn a small commission but it won’t cost you a penny more)! Read my full disclosure policy.


For this project, here’s a list of things you will need if you're using a Cricut or other paper-cutting machine:

  • My free”Welcome” banner + Heart template SVG/PNG/PDF files/patterns (available in my Free Resource Library (more about that in a moment)
  • Cricut Design Space software
  • or Adobe Reader if using the PDFs only
  • Cricut cutting machine, or another cutting machine
  • Cardstock
  • Printer
  • Chipboard
  • Moss
  • Scissors
  • Floral Wire
  • Glue Gun
  • Pink Ribbon

No Cricut? No problem! If you are not using a Cricut or other machine and want to cut this out by hand, you will need to download the PDF version from my Free Resource Library and you will need to open in Adobe Reader.

Download the “Welcome” Banner & the Heart Template

First, you need to download the “Welcome” banner and the Heart template from my blog’s Free Resource Library. If you are already a subscriber you may go here to download it. If you need to sign up, please click here.

When you sign up to receive my email newsletter you are automatically sent a password to access the library. You’ll also receive my weekly newsletter with behind the scenes details, notes from me, and links to the latest happenings on my blog.

Once you’ve logged in, the file you need is called “Easy Moss Heart for Valentine's Day” Print then Cut or the PDF version. NOTE: There are TWO VERSIONS of this file. Make sure you select the one you need. There is a PNG version of the banner and an SVG of heart for Cricut OR a PDF version of both the heart and the banner.

Click to download the zip file. Unzip the file, inside you will find the heart template and the Welcome banner.

Upload the Heart Template and Welcome Banner

If you are using a Cricut or other cutting machine to make this, you will need to launch Cricut Design Space (or your software).

Click “New Project;” then click “Upload”. Choose “Upload Image” and navigate to the file.

Find the PNG Welcome Banner and click “Open”; choose “Complex”; don’t do anything with the next screen except click “continue”;

Choose the “Save as Print then Cut Image”.

It may take a moment. This will add the image to your library.

Repeat these steps with the heart template.

Once they are all uploaded, select the images you want to work with and click “Insert Images”

As you will see it’s a large image. One of the great things about Design Space is that you can make these any size that you want. For our project today I’m going to show you the size and details I used to make mine. But, just know that you can make these any size that you need.

I sized my heart to 11 inches wide x 11.7 inches tall. This size worked nicely on a 12″ x 12″ piece of chipboard that I had.

I sized the Welcome banner to 11 inches wide x 5.464 inches tall.

Make sure the print icon and the cut icon are next to the Welcome banner in the right-hand panel and the heart just says cut; now you are ready to Make it!

Print & Cut the Welcome banner 

Click Make it and ta-da! It will prepare the mats for you.

Be sure your cutting machine and your printer are connected to your computer, or iPad or phone or whatever you’re using to connect to the software.

Click Continue

Once you have told it how many copies you want to print, load your cardstock paper into the printer. Press the Send to Printer button. Use these default settings and press Print.

Once the printer prints you need to put the banner on your cutting mat.

Now you need to Set your Material.

For mine, I chose Medium Cardstock, 80 lb. and left the pressure on “default.”

Now, simply load the mat into the machine; and press the flashing arrow button; once it’s loaded press the flashing “C” button and the machine will do the rest. Once it’s done cutting for you press the flashing arrow button to eject it.

Now you need to offload the cutting mat.

I prefer to offload mine by placing the cut side face down in front of me and roll the mat away. This helps whatever I’ve cut to not bend and curl.

Cut the Heart on Chipboard

Next, you will need to cut your chipboard.

When using chipboard I recommend that you use a Strong Grip mat and/or tape the top and bottom to help make sure it stays on the mat during the cutting process. I also recommend that you slide the star rollers to the side!

You will need a deep-cut blade or a knife blade depending on the thickness of your chipboard.

Select chipboard for your Material. Make sure you have the correct tools set and you're ready to cut!

Now, simply load the mat into the machine; and press the flashing arrow button; once it’s loaded press the flashing “C” button and the machine will do the rest. Once it’s done cutting for you press the flashing arrow button to eject it.

Now you need to offload the cutting mat.

I prefer to offload mine by placing the cut side face down in front of me and roll the mat away. This helps whatever I’ve cut to not bend and curl.

Once you’re done you’re ready for the next step – attaching the moss.

Before I show you that though, let me show you how to create this heart and banner if you do not have a Circut and want to just use a PDF to print and then hand cut them.

Print the “Welcome” Banner & the Heart Template using Adobe Reader

Open your downloaded file in Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Press the print icon to print.

Print the Welcome banner on cardstock. Then, print the heart template. Please note, this file was too big to fit on 1 page so I have split it. Simple print, cut and then attach the heart to create a template you can then trace onto your chipboard and cut.

Once printed, use scissors to cut out the banner and the heart.

Supplies to make a moss heart laying on a table, it includes a chipboard heart, floral wire, a glue gun, moss and a welcome banner.

Once everything is cut we're ready to begin assembly!

Before you start gluing the moss, I recommend we do a couple of steps to prep the heart for hanging.

Pair of scissors laying on a chipboard heart with holes in it to hang up.

Preparing the Heart to Hang

First, use the end of a pair of scissors to poke two small holes into the chipboard heart. I tried to space mine out a little, I didn't want them to possible tear.

Floral wire looped through holes in a chipboard heart to act as a hanger.

Next, you want to loop floral wire through the holes and wrap the tail of the wire around itself to create a hanger for your heart.

Welcome banner laying on heart for spacing purposes.

Before moving on, I also recommend that you take a moment and prep your banner for attaching after the moss is applied.

  1. Make two holes – one on each side (left and right) – of your banner. In the end, we'll put fabric through these holes to attach it.
  2. Mark the spots for these holes on your chipboard and use your scissors again to poke a hole in the chipboard.

You could use the same ribbon for the banner to hang the heart, but I didn't want it to pull on the banner and distort it when hanging so I decided to make my “hanger” and my “banner” be separate.

Glue the Moss On to the Heart

And now the fun begins! You want to work fairly quickly here because hot glue can set up fast. So I recommend you work in small manageable sections. Simple “draw” the glue onto your chipboard heart and then press the moss into it.

Moss glued to a chipboard heart laying on a table.

While you've got your glue gun going I recommend adding a bit of glue to each end of your openings for the floral wire to help reinforce that area.

Hot glue on a floral wire with moss nearby.

Keep going until you've covered the entire heart. It goes very fast and by using the “cool” temp setting on your glue gun you run less of a risk in burning yourself. Yay!

Chipboard heart covered in moss.

Great! Our heart is covered and we're in the home stretch.

Attach the Welcome banner to the Heart

Now we want to attach the “Welcome” banner you cut out earlier. Use a knitting needle or other tool to poke through the back of the heart so you see where your holes are.

Pink ribbon pushed through banner and moss heart to attach it.

Use that same tool to push the ribbon through and then wrap it around the back and come back through to the front of the banner.

Pink ribbon tied in a pretty knot on a welcome banner on a moss heart.

Tie the ribbon in a double knot to keep it from slipping back through and then trim the tail of the ribbon into a “v” to finish it.

Repeat this step on the other side.

Ta-Da! You have a beautiful and Easy Moss Heart for Valentine's Day!

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Moss Heart with welcome banner hanging from pink ribbon on a green and glass door.

I really like the details of it and even though it's a heart, I will be happy to keep this up even after Valentine's day!

Closeup detail of ribbon and banner on moss heart.

I hope you like this project and will give it a try!

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Happy Celebrating!

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