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How to Make an Easy Halloween Ribbon Wreath

It's almost Halloween and we've decided at the very last minute to add a bit of Halloween fun to our Fall decor. To do this I made a simple Halloween Ribbon Wreath. Have you ever made one of these before? They're actually really simple to create so I thought I'd show you how easy with this How to Make an Easy Halloween Ribbon Wreath tutorial.

I've even got a sweet printable for you to embellish your wreath, or anywhere you want to add some vintage Halloween charm!

Typically we don't really decorate for Halloween much, but if we do, we definitely go for the softer sweeter side of things. Which, for me, means cute, old-fashioned designs! Like something you might see in “Meet Me in St. Louis.” No scary ghosts over here.

Since this was a last minute craft I decided to dive into my ribbon stash and rely on that for a whimsical and colorful creation.

Here are the supplies I recommend to Make an Easy Halloween Ribbon Wreath:

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Wire wreath frame – I used a square one but any shape will work.

Pipe cleaners – you could use any colors you have on hand since these aren't easily seen.

Halloween themed ribbon – now is a great time to stock up on ribbon for next year too!

Sparkle Tulle/Glitter Tulle – I used purple and black sparkle tulle for this project. They were leftover from this DIY Halloween Trick or Treat bag that I made. This was a great way to use up all that tulle!

Scared Cat – I found mine at my local grocery store but I found this one online and loved the vintage vibe of it!

Trick or Treat Printable – subscribers of my email newsletter get access to this printable for FREE in my resource library. You can click here to sign up and get your copy today!

How to Make an Easy Halloween Ribbon Wreath:

OK! Now that you've gathered your supplies, let's get to the fun part of making the wreath.

[dropcaps]1[/dropcaps] Trim your Pipe Cleaners to size

Pipe cleaners are one of the “secret weapons” that make this project so easy. Take one pipe cleaner and bend it into three equal lengths. Trim the lengths so that you have three equally sized pieces.

You can see in the photo above how I went from one long one to one folded cleaner, to finally three separate pieces. Easy-peasy!

[dropcaps]2[/dropcaps] Loosely Place Pipe Cleaners Around Wreath Form

Fold your cut pipe cleaner pieces in half and place them around the perimeter of your wreath form. There's no formula here, you just want them handy as you begin to place your ribbon.

[dropcaps]3[/dropcaps] Loop Your Main Ribbon Around Wreath Form

For the main ribbon, I recommend using a wired ribbon. This is much easier to manipulate around the wreath form and will give good structure for other ribbon accents like your glitter tulle.

Make generous loops when you are looping. I aimed to have three loops at each corner and a loop or two along the “spans” between the corners. Sometimes that worked and sometimes it didn't – which is pretty much how it goes when crafting!

When you have the ribbon where you want it, use your pipe cleaners to anchor the ribbon to the frame. Just a few twists is all it takes!

[dropcaps]4[/dropcaps] Add in Your 1st Accent Ribbon

Next, add in your first accent ribbon. For me, this was my purple glitter tulle. It added a bold pop of contrast to the orange and black that I liked for this. It's fun to really play with crazy colors like this at Halloween – these are colors that I would otherwise never use probably.

The glitter tulle is so easy to manage that I just tied it to the wreath frame. But you could of course use the pipe cleaners if necessary.

[dropcaps]5[/dropcaps] Add in Your 2nd Accent Ribbon

Because these colors were so bold I decided to tone them down just a bit by wrapping the black glitter tulle around the entire wreath. This softened it just enough for me.

[dropcaps]6[/dropcaps] Print Your Free Vintage Halloween Trick or Treat Sign

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Once you're in, go to the Resource Library and download the Vintage Halloween Trick or Treat Sign. I have two versions of it available for you. One is a PDF which you can download and cut out with scissors. There is also a PNG version which you can print and cut using Cricut Design Software.

Once printed, punch a hole through each corner and hang it from the inside center of the wreath.

[dropcaps]7[/dropcaps] Add Final Ribbon Accents

I went ribbon crazy and decided to add some bold black & white plus orange ribbons as little accents around the wreath. For these, I did not loop them, but instead just added them with a simple knot and left the tails out. I trimmed the tails with a little “v” cut so they looked tidy.

[dropcaps]8[/dropcaps] Add Cat and Hang!

The final step is to attach the scaredy cat with some ribbon and/or pipe cleaners. I decided to use black ribbon because it basically disappeared against the kitty, so she's just floating there, nestled amongst the ribbons.

Pin This Please

This really is a simple craft and I love that it came together in minutes with supplies that I already had on hand.

Come back tomorrow to see the sweet little porch scene that I created at my studio to go with this Vintage inspired Halloween Trick or Treat wreath!

And please tell me in the comments below, have you ever made a ribbon wreath like this before? Have any tips you'd like to share? Let's chat!

Happy Celebrating!

Jennifer Carroll. Celebrating Everyday Life blog

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  1. Cute Hallowe’en wreath. I am surprised you even had time to do a post. I am sorry to read about your cute mom and little girl. It is so hard watching our family members feeling unwell. My mom has diverticulitis as well and we have had to make a number of 911 calls! It is scary and so painful. As an FYI (I am sure your Dr’s have armed with so much info) all plants are not created equally. Strawberries are taboo. Those tiny little seeds can wreak havoc on your mom’s digestion….look into High FODMAP foods and avoid during flare-ups.

  2. Very pretty ribbon wreath & perfect to welcome trick or treaters. Thanks for sharing at Merry Monday

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