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How to Make a DIY Halloween Trick or Treat Bag

Halloween is coming and I thought it would be fun to share an easy Halloween Trick or Treat Bag DIY project that you can do in minutes and your little ones can even help!

This project comes together so quickly and can be easily customized to suit your color scheme. My daughter is wearing pink and purple this year so we went with purple and orange to match her outfit – and give it a little bit of Halloween punch – but you could literally use any color combo imaginable to match whatever outfit your little one is sporting this Halloween.

Plus, it's a great way to update an old bag you may have lying around the house!

We used a fabric tote bag from The Dollar Tree as a base but you could do this with a paper shopping bag too!

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Supplies to Make Your Own Halloween Trick or Treat Bag:

Tote Bag/Paper Bag

Glitter Tulle (sometimes known as Sparkle Tulle) on a roll – 2 complimentary colors

Accent ribbon – love these Halloween styles!

Plain thin ribbon to act as your “anchor”

Glue gun with a Low-Temp setting – my friends at Gorilla Glue gave me this one and it's become my favorite! You can see it here!

[dropcaps]1[/dropcaps] Getting Started

Plugin your glue gun. I set mine to the Low-temp setting since this is lightweight fabric. It lowers the chances of me burning myself! 🙂

If you have children helping with this project, I would not recommend allowing them to handle the glue gun unsupervised. I've been using a glue gun for decades and still burn myself! Maybe I need supervision too!! 😉

Lay your bag down and measure the amount of “anchor” ribbon you need for your base. I allowed enough extra to wrap mine around the side gusset of the bag.

Trim the ribbon and add a bead of glue to each edge but NOT the middle at this time. You want it to float a bit so you can tie on your strands.

If it's floating too much for you, you can add a dot of glue to the middle, just don't glue the whole thing down.

[dropcaps]2[/dropcaps] Prep Your Glitter Tulle

Measure and cut your tulle ribbon. I cut mine to 18″ long per strand. That length worked well for the size of my bag. Feel free to make yours longer or shorter.

I used 5 strands of the Purple and 4 strands of the Black. You can really play with patterns here if you like, just try to determine yours before you begin cutting so you make sure you've got the correct number of pieces.

I then cut 3 strands of the accent ribbon in orange (these were also 18″ long) and set them aside. They go on in almost the last step. I just like to do all my measuring and cutting at once so that once I begin to assemble I can just roll right along 🙂 It's a small detail but helps me be more efficient.

[dropcaps]3[/dropcaps] Assemble Your Trick or Treat Bag

Time to tie your cut pieces of tulle onto the “anchor” ribbon which you glued onto the bag.

This is a great time for kiddos to practice their tying skills!

No fear of sharp scissors or hot glue guns here – just basic life lessons of tying knots cleverly disguised as decorating a sparkly Halloween treat bag – what's not to love?! My daughter really enjoyed this part and the practice was super helpful for improving her shoe tying skills. Win-win!!!

OK, back to the tutorial…

If you are following my pattern you will want to alternate your colors and begin with the color you cut 5 pieces of (the most pieces).

So in my case, I started with purple and then tied black. I repeated this until I ended with the last piece of purple.

By using the long length (18″) it left two long tails after it was tied in the middle around the anchor ribbon. This made the tulle look more full since, on its own, it can look a bit “thin” and transparent. But when bunched and layered like this, it really begins to take on a full and festive flair!

OK, once all your pieces are tied on, it's time to grab the glue gun again and hot glue the knots at a couple of points to help hold the ribbon in place.

You can also now go ahead and glue the “extra” ribbon that was hanging over each edge onto the side gussets.

Tie on your 3 accent ribbon strands and your (mostly) done! I say mostly because while the bag is precious like this, I couldn't resist adding on a sweet little accent that I spied at The Dollar Tree.

See! You can tie on some extra pieces to the handle and add a little extra dash of fun – I attached a Halloween themed door hanger that I found. I like that this makes a bit of noise as my daughter walks with the bag.

This will be handy when we're out trick-or-treating and it starts to get dark!

Of course, she'll also have on some glow in the dark bracelets too. We always stick right beside her when trick-or-treating but still, I like to have some extra ways to see her when it's dark and we're outside.

Do you have a favorite way to help kids be visible when trick or treating? I'd love to hear your ideas, please leave a comment and share.

I hope you will give this Easy Halloween Trick or Treat Bag craft a try!

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As I was crafting this for Halloween I got thinking that this would be such a cute craft for other holidays too! You can use this same technique and style Christmas gift bags and definitely cute bags for Easter egg collecting!

How would you use this craft? Please leave a comment, I love to hear your ideas!

Happy Celebrating!

Jennifer Carroll. Celebrating Everyday Life blog

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