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Hot Cocoa Wands {A Perfect Fall or Winter Party Favor}

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For my Cinderella Inspired Elegant Halloween Dinner Party tablescape I wanted to have a sweet party favor that still had a teeny-bit of spooky fun since it is for Halloween after all… what to do? Hot Cocoa Wands of course! The perfect Fall or Winter party favor! The “wand” idea is surely Fairy Godmother approved and to make it just a little bit scary I used some teeny tiny Wilton Bones Sprinkles. The wand tubes are actually Martha Stewart Test Tube Favor Kit. I painted the cork ends with the same paint that I used on the scroll place cards here. To make these here's what you need:

Plastic tubes (like this Martha Stewart Test Tube Favor Kit)
Hot Cocoa mix (1 packet per wand)
Halloween Sprinkles (I used these Wilton Bones Sprinkles)
Mini Marshmallows

:: STEP ONE ::
Set empty tube in a clear glass. This will help to support it and allow you to easily see the contents as you are layering to adjust as necessary. Pour packet of hot cocoa mix into tube filling tube approximately 3/4 full. (For me this meant using most but not all of the hot cocoa packet because I really wanted my garnishes to show!) A funnel is very handy for this project. I unfortunately couldn't find mine so I quickly rolled up a piece of paper – worked like a charm! When I poured my cocoa mix into the wand it left cocoa dust on the inside sides of the tube. I used a DRY (you don't want to “activate” any of the powder) paper towel to lightly wipe the inside.

:: STEP TWO ::
Next, layer in your Halloween sprinkles. Finally, add in a few mini-marshmallows – I squeezed 4 into mine! And voila! A perfect little hot cocoa wand – and an easy Fall or Winter party favor!

Hot Cocoa Wand Party Favors, Halloween Party Favor, Wedding Favor, Edible Favor, Test tube favor, Hot Chocolate party favor, Winter party favor, Wilton Bones Sprinkles, Martha Stewart Test Tube Favor

Happy Celebrating!

Jennifer Carroll. Celebrating Everyday Life blog

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  1. What a cute idea – I’m not sure if I can get my hands on all the various supplies down here, but if I can, I’ll be giving them a go!

    H xo

    1. I hope you get to try it! I’m sure your girls will LOVE it!!!

  2. I cannot find the Martha Stewart kit anywhere. Do you happen to know the size of the test tubes?

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