A Review of My New Brightech Lightview Pro Dimmable LED Magnifying Floor lamp

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Today I am excited to invite you in for a sneak peek of my studio and one of my favorite additions to this space: my new Brightech Lightview Pro Dimmable LED Magnifying Floor lamp!

If you love crafting, sewing, painting or other creative endeavors but poor lighting or eye strain have been robbing you of that joy, then you're gonna love today's post!

I have been hard at work setting up my studio for the classes that I'm now offering and I'll tell you, it's been a pretty big task. Tomorrow I'll be sharing a BEFORE and AFTER of the studio. It's still a work in progress, but there has been a tremendous amount of progress.

Being an avid crafter there has been one tool I have been long dreaming of… but since my crafting space hasn't been officially set up I hadn't bought one yet. And then recently when the good folks at Brightech got in touch with me, it was as if all the stars aligned!

My new craft studio is getting set up and {ahem} since I'm getting older, the need for a magnifier lamp is greater than ever. 🙂

Brightech invited me to take a look at their line of lighting and my eyes lit up when I saw the magnifier lamps! In addition to those, they offer a wide variety of lighting from string lights to table lamps to floor lamps – all with beautiful, clean, modern lines.

When the box came I couldn't wait to open it! And y'all, I wasn't disappointed!!

I am so completely smitten with this lamp! It was simple to put together and is super sturdy.


Some of my favorite elements of the
Brightech LightView Rolling Base Magnifier Lamp:

[dropcaps]1[/dropcaps] Sturdy Base on Wheels!

I am free to craft and create wherever I'm inspired because this lamp is so easy to move around thanks to the wheels on the base.

I can move it all around the room, no problem. Plus, the base is weighted well so it's not tippy.

[dropcaps]2[/dropcaps] Magnifier Lens

It has a nice BIG magnifier lens – 4.5″ wide!! – so it's easy to see a good amount of workspace all at once, not just a teeny little section. And it magnifies what you're viewing 175%! Oh, yes, my older eyes are smiling!

I also really like that the magnifier lens has a flip-cap so that you can protect it from dust build up and accidents.

[dropcaps]3[/dropcaps] TWO Light Options + Dimmable

Admittedly I don't have a lot of experience with lamps like this but I was delightfully surprised to see that this lamp comes with not one but TWO types of lighting options! A cool light and a warm light.

The cool light is a blue-tinted bright light, while the warm light is yellow-tinted. When working with projects that have different hues, it's surprising how helpful getting to control the lighting becomes.

Plus, you can control the brightness of the light – it's SO COOL!!!

But best of all, because it is an LED light, it doesn't get warm, so you don't feel like you're working under a heat lamp.

This is the cool light setting. 

You can see how nice and bright it is on this needlepoint canvas.

And here is the warm light…

See what a difference?

You can play with them, blend them, and create just the right light tone for you!

And did I mention that the bulbs last for 20 years?!! Isn't that amazing?!

[dropcaps]4[/dropcaps] Height Adjustable

Another great feature is that you can adjust the height of the light for your comfort, either sitting or standing! Or even if you just need some extra light for reading – this lamp comes to the rescue.


[dropcaps]5[/dropcaps] 5-Year Warranty

Brightech is so sure that you are going to love your lamp that they even offer a 5-year warranty on it!

Pretty impressive if you ask me.

This is such a quality lamp, I am very grateful and proud to have it and share it with you and tell you how much I genuinely love it.

They offer magnifier lamps with a clamp, tabletop or floor base and you can choose either white or black.

If you've been considering a magnifier light I hope you will check out Brightech. I know my lamp has exceeded my expectations!

Please come back tomorrow for a look at the whole studio space! I'll share the dreaded before photos as well as the fun afters!

You can see the exact lamp I got here and don't forget to check out all the Brightech Magnifier Lamps here. Currently, they are offering Free Shipping on orders over $50, and they're having a sale so check it out!!

Happy Celebrating!

Jennifer Carroll. Celebrating Everyday Life blog

I was given a lamp by Brightech but all opinions here are my own. I only recommend products that I really like and believe that you will enjoy too.

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  1. Jennifer, I’ve had a similar light for years, but it hangs around your neck. Since my eyesight isn’t what it was when I started needlepointing in my 20’s, the light is a God~sent. This one is probably more adjustable and comfortable. Thanks for sharing.

  2. This looks like a great light, I’m going to send this to my sister in law. Thanks for sharing on To Grandma’s House We Go!

  3. This light sounds absolutely perfect! Thank you for sharing at Party In Your PJs!

  4. Jann Olson says:

    Thanks for sharing with SYC. It really is a great light!! Thanks for sharing with SYC

  5. That looks very handy! Thanks for sharing at Home Sweet Home!

  6. Cathy Fix says:

    I have an off subject question! Where did you find the chair in this post? I had 2 exactly like it except that mine did not have the trim around the skirt. The heavy, extra wide seats on my slipper chairs looked identical! The chairs were given to me and I had them reupholstered in the same fabric! What are the chances?!?!?!

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