4 Tips for How to Choose Paint Colors for Your Home

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I have been getting a lot of requests for the paint color in my bedroom & kitchen/dining room and thought I'd share it with you in a post, plus offer some suggestions on how to choose paint colors for your home! From all these emails and comments I'm glad to see that I'm not alone in having difficulty choosing paint colors. I went round and round for weeks trying to find just the right shade and finally I had to mix some to create my own. But before getting to that part, I have a few tips to share with you which helped me to narrow down my ideas, and they just might help you too…

Dining Table and Chairs makeover with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, Old White Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, Duck Egg Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

{My Dining Room}

Tip #1:

Build an inspiration file of rooms that you love. You can use an online board like Pinterest or HomeTalk or simply tear pages out of magazines that inspire you. No matter where the ideas come from just find a way to gather them. Then look at them all together and see if you start to see a pattern develop. I didn't realize I wanted blue walls until I noticed that many of the photos I was drawn to had that wall color in common. It was only by being able to see these photos all together that I learned that. So, Tip #1 is “Build a Style File”.

{Turquoise Mirror and Antique Chest Makeover} Painting with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint{Turquoise Mirror and Antique Chest Makeover}

Tip #2:

Upload a photo of your room to a program like Benjamin Moore's Personal Color Viewer. This is a really great way to test the waters without any investment. It may not give you an absolute vision but it will really help you to imagine the possibilities – which is a lot of fun!! It's a total “Try Before You Buy” concept and I love that.

Botanical Inspired Mantel, Blue & White Mantel{Decorating a Botanical Inspired Mantel}

Tip #3:

Buy a sample of the paint and either paint it on your walls or get some poster board from the Dollar Store and paint them. The poster board is nice because you keep your room from looking like a DIY zone sooner than it needs to – and if you are like me and want to live with the “possibilities” for a bit (which I recommend) this is nice AND if you are stuck between a few different colors you aren't distracted by having patches too close together of different paints. (You can always paint right on the walls once you've narrowed your choice down) Plus, you can tuck these away if company is coming over and no one is the wiser!

Now – it's important to note that the poster board is different from drywall so it won't give you a 100% completely true representation but it is pretty close and that was enough for me for the “trial and error” portion of the selection process. Also, when you get samples, make sure to paint more than just one patch in your room. Notice that you have some walls that get more sunlight than others, the paint will appear different on each of these areas, so try to paint patches in each of these spots. You might love the paint color in the sunlight area but hate it in the darker areas. You want to love it in both…

Custom Blend Paint Color by Benjamin Moore, Celebrating Everyday Life Blog, How to Choose Paint Colors for Your Home

Tip #4:

My final tip is to take your time. Get your samples, paint your patches, and let them live in your room for a couple of days at least. Look at them in the morning and the evening. How do they make you feel when you see them? Do they make you smile? For me, that was really important. Working from home, I'm around my walls A LOT – they need to help lift me up, not drag me down.

So, what's my paint color you're wondering? It is by Benjamin Moore and it is a paint color that I have dubbed “Spring Sky”. It is a blend of “Spring Mint” AND “Antiguan Sky” (Take Spring and Sky and you get “Spring Sky” – catchy, right??) I know they have a few zillion paint colors and you would think I would have found one amongst them, but I just couldn't find one that was exactly what I wanted so, I decided to mix two together and – voila! – this new color was born and I LOVE it!!

Custom Blend Paint Color by Benjamin Moore, Celebrating Everyday Life Blog, How to Choose Paint Colors for Your Home, Antiguan Sky and Spring Mint Here's a snapshot of the mix-code on the can – if you take it to your paint store, hopefully this will be helpful:

Custom Blend Paint Color by Benjamin Moore, Celebrating Everyday Life Blog, How to Choose Paint Colors for Your Home, Antiguan Sky and Spring Mint

I hope these tips inspire you on your journey to picking the right paint color for your home. It can be a long process and I encourage you not to rush it – you're gonna live with this paint for a long time and doing it right the first time is so nice – take it from a gal who has learned the hard way…

Happy Celebrating (and painting)!

Jennifer Carroll. Celebrating Everyday Life blog


11 thoughts on “4 Tips for How to Choose Paint Colors for Your Home

  1. Diane | An Extraordinary Day says:

    When I look at the bedroom photo I think that color is the same color I painted my studio. I love it! I too noticed I was drawn to rooms of that color and though I have always be opposed to painting walls pastel shades…especially blues…I splashed it all over the room. And it feels wonderful. Who knew a paint color could make me feel so good?
    Great tips too Jennifer!

  2. Trish @ Uncommon says:

    These are such great pointers!! I love uploading and seeing what different colors would look like online, too!

    Take care,


  3. Tricia says:

    Thank you for sharing pics if your beautiful bedroom! I love your canopy, “spring sky”, night stands, etc.! Just lovely. I’m going out to get my posterboard right away!

  4. Felicia says:

    The color is wonderful. It looks very similar to Valspar’s robin’s egg. I LOVE it.

  5. Christine says:

    Lovely pics and smart pointers. Thank you for sharing! I always thought I’d play it safe with wall colour for my master, but one day decided to go for a vintage vibe with a shade of minty green/blue for my walls. I probably would have mixed like you did if I only read this last week, but I’m still very pleasantly surprised with the outcome – BM Antiguan Sky at 100%. POW! Its more of a tropical blue than green in my space (even though its in the green family on the fandeck) but I’m still very happy and if I have a change of heart down the road I now know I can tone it down a bit with your 50/50 idea. Thanks again.

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