I had the immense privilege of meeting one of my blogging idols on Saturday – Miss Mustard Seed {aka Marian Parsons – MissMustardSeed.com} at the Luckett’s Spring Sale!!! Such a t-r-e-a-t! May I just say what a delightful woman she is – truly sweet!! I watched and waited while she laughed and chatted individually with fan after fan, making each and every one feel special. As I waited my turn I nervously wondered “would she remember me?” -see I’ve had a bit of online correspondence with her and I have to say that the hope was there that she would recall our exchanges and – she did! She knew just who I was and can I tell you what a happy feeling that creates when someone you respect and admire connects with you! She was gracious, lovely, encouraging and authentic. A true star!!

Her tent was superb! Her displays were vibrant and inspiring. I just wanted to buy every single item that my eyes fell upon! It was so fun to see pieces in real life that I’ve been reading about on the blog – and her new milk paint colors were gorgeous! Isn’t the chalkboard with the paint’s logo adorable? {top left} She mentions her love of fans (an addiction I picked up from her) on her blog regularly and it was fun to see the ubiquitous fan here and there in her booth {top right}. The prices on her items were – as she promised in a post late last week – very, very fair – from $5 pinwheels or moss covered balls on up there really was something for everyone! Great details like the birdsnest and scale were atop many a table {bottom right}. This chest of drawers {bottom left} is sporting her new milk paint color Tricycle – isn’t it soo cheery?! She had a gorgeous mustard seed yellow chest of drawers too but alas I couldn’t get a good shot of it – as you might imagine her booth was really crowded.

I am obsessed with the color of this hutch (or is it a secretary?) – there is something so chic about that shade of grey {top right}!! I kept seeing it in booth after booth all day and have decided I simply must paint a piece (or two or three!) of furniture this color! Marian is such a gifted artist and evidence of this was especially noticeable in her whimsical signs {top right & bottom left}. I am very happy to report that this typewriter {bottom right} found a home with my BFF who traveled with me to the fair!! I’m hoping she’ll let me borrow it for the occasional photo shoot! When I first saw it I knew it was perfect for her and I pointed it out – she liked it but then we got distracted by all the beautiful items around us that we left without her buying it. Thankfully when we stopped back in after lunch it was still there and she was able to scoop it up! yay!!

This is my collection of Miss Mustard Seed goodies {above & below}!!! All day I was on the lookout for great pieces that not only would be lovely as decor in my home but also great props for photo shoots and I was super excited with my little haul from her booth!!

The first item I picked up was the Miss Mustard Seed t-shirt {top right} because having seen the design for these on her blog beforehand – I knew this was a souvenir which there was no way I was leaving without! I love the entire design but I especially {heart} the words ‘connect’, ‘encourage’, ‘inspire’, ‘dream’ – that’s what this is all about isn’t it?! I also added another clock {bottom right} to my ever growing collection – I didn’t really realize that I have a “thing” for clocks until recently when I moved and was unpacking and kept unpacking lots of little clocks!

I gave a little squeal of delight when I spotted these salt & pepper shakers {bottom left}. I am positively mad for anything with a crest on it and these are so unique I knew it was a find – best of all they were under $10 – yippie! But perhaps the sweetest take-away of all was the delightful tag {top left} boasting the message “Move Mountains” on it. The attached card had the entire scripture verse “…For truly, I say to you, if you have faith like a grain of mustard seed,  you will say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move, and nothing will be impossible for you.” – Matthew 17:20. ~ Selah ~ (pause and quietly reflect on that indeed!) This verse has always spoken to me and it was in fact this verse that first caught my attention when I stumbled upon Miss Mustard Seed’s blog. As I face each new challenge in life I am constantly relying on verses just like this one to encourage and inspire my faith to grow. With God anything is possible – how exciting!!

I hope you enjoyed my little tour of Miss Mustard Seed’s booth! I will be back on Wednesday with more photos of the Spring Fair plus my tips on how to best shop for and find good deals at sales like this. I hope you’ll join me!

Happy Monday!




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