Do you love what you do? {Inspiring Quote}

Posted on March 11,2014 by Jennifer

The only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle, Steve Jobs quote, Inspiring Quote, Do What you Love Quote, Celebrating Everyday Life with Jennifer Carroll, www.CelebratingEverydayLife.com

I recently came across this quote from Steve Jobs and was struck by the simple truth of it.


Chalk Paint Basket Makeover {Pretty Ribbon Storage}

Posted on March 10,2014 by Jennifer

Pretty Ribbon Storage, Ribbon Storage Ideas, Painted Basket Makeover, Chalk Paint Basket Makeover, Celebrating Everyday Life with Jennifer Carroll

As you know I’m on an organization mission over here… My craft room/studio has been a long neglected space and it has been a major project to get it under control and transform it into a space that is inspiring and pleasant to work in. I’m not done yet but the room is in the home stretch! One of the main objectives I’ve had is to find a “home” for everything – you know, “a place for everything, and everything in it’s place” type of thing. These baskets that I got the other day have helped but I still had a trouble area. You see, I have a LOT of ribbon. While I’ve found a great storage solution for the bulk of my spools, I found that I still had lots of bits and pieces and odd shaped spools that were loose and likely to cause problems down the road if I didn’t come up with an idea, and quick! Naturally, a stroll through my local Target presented a perfect solution!


Mission Organization Continues with an Inspiring Quote

Posted on March 5,2014 by Jennifer

Organizing Quote, Inspiring Quote, Celebrating Everyday Life with Jennifer CarrollMy mission to whip my craft room/office into shape is in full tilt this week. The good news is that it’s coming along, the bad news is that it is taking sooooo much time. I hope to be done by the weekend, we’ll see how that turns out. But, I’m determined to do this RIGHT and create a space that is functional and pretty because I’m more likely to keep it somewhat tidy (or at least not let it get too far out of hand) if it’s a space that I want to be in. Does that make sense? For so long it’s just been a dumping ground that I just accepted the fact that it was a mess and closed the door while sadly shaking my head and sighing. But now, it’s slowly transforming into a room that I can envision myself wanting to linger in. I know I’ll be able to find inspiration in the bits of sparkle and supplies that are steadily finding new homes in my stylish bins that I bought. In the meantime, this quote is also helping me stay focused on why I’m doing this.


Pretty and Functional Organizing Supplies

Posted on March 3,2014 by Jennifer

Pretty and Functional Organzing Supplies, Wire baskets, turquoise tray and box, Celebrating Everyday Life with Jennifer Carroll

March April 2014 edition of Celebrating Everyday Life with Jennifer Carroll

Hooray! Hooray! The March/April 2014 edition of Celebrating Everyday Life with Jennifer Carroll has arrived! Subscribers got their first peek last night (a little perk of being a subscriber, you’re the first to know!) and I can’t tell you the relief I feel to have published another fun and festive edition of the magazine. I want to sincerely thank all my contributors for sharing their talents in making this such a beautiful issue and I want to most especially thank Dara Powers Parker for her tireless efforts in writing, editing and hand-holding! She is a truly special friend!!


A Sofia the First themed Birthday Party!

Posted on February 24,2014 by Jennifer


Sofia the first birthday party, 3rd birthday party, Celebrating Everyday Life with Jennifer CarrollMy daughter turned three {3! yikes!} earlier this month and while we had lots of birthday festivities in Disney World (on our trip a few weeks ago) we hadn’t had a chance to celebrate with all of our family until this past weekend. There is a show on Disney Junior called Sofia the First which my daughter is quite enamored with – at Disney she not only got to meet Sofia (!!!!) but she also got a Sofia the First gown, several dolls, and a few other accessories, so when needing to select a theme for the party – my daughter eagerly chanted “Sofia! Sofia!”

Sofia the First Cake, Sofia the first birthday party, 3rd birthday party, Celebrating Everyday Life with Jennifer CarrollWe love a pretty cake around here, in fact the cake is often my starting point when planning my daughter’s birthday parties and this year was no exception.


Inspired Projects, Wall Art & Stationery… Meet Minted!

Posted on February 21,2014 by Jennifer

DIY Valentine Mail Bag from Julep blog and minted.comMinted has become a mainstay in the stationery world due to their cutting edge designs and high quality papers. If you haven’t ordered a card from them, chances are you’ve received a holiday card in the mail from a friend or family member that Minted printed. (hey, that ryhymes!) Well, recently I was asked to check out their new blog Julep and their growing line of Minted wall art and I was positively delighted by what I found! On their blog Julep, you will find a fanciful blend of craft projects, interesting tutorials, party ideas, printables and much more!


{Blogs I Love} Twigg Studios

Posted on February 20,2014 by Jennifer

Pride and Prejudice Ginger Pear Hand Pies from Twigg Studios

These show-stopping Ginger Pear hand pies were what first drew me to the edible artistry of Aimee of Twigg Studios last fall. When I saw these pies, I knew, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that this was a woman after my own heart. I mean truly, how adorable are these? I totally want the cookie cutters she used and have added them to my mental wish list. I think you know by know how all things P&P {Pride & Prejudice} make my heart skip a beat… Not only is Aimee a talented and imaginative baker, she is also a gifted photographer, a combination that is always desirable but perhaps even more valued in this digital age. Being such a fan of her work, you can imagine my delight when Aimee became a regular contributor to my magazine last November.


The Key to Success… Inspiring Quote

Posted on February 19,2014 by Jennifer

The Key to Success Quote, Happiness is the Key To Success Quote, Inpiring Quote, Encouraging Quote, Celebrating Everyday Life with Jennifer CarrollAs a small business owner I know a lot about the pursuit of success and how elusive it can be especially because our definition of it can be constantly evolving. If a goal is achieved we often check it off and immediately set off on the journey to the next “mile marker.”  If you’re not careful it can become an all-consuming obsession this striving for “success.” It’s a treadmill that I find myself so often on without even realizing it until I feel the stress and burdensome weight of it heavy upon my shoulders. That sinking feeling that I’m constantly missing the mark or worse perhaps not equipped for this journey after all. It’s then, in those sad and fearful moments, that I realize I’ve lost my way and I’ve allowed some lie to slip into my mind that is simply tormenting me. It’s not producing any good fruit. It’s not helping me feel more inspired, no… it’s attempting to drag me under.


Beautiful Book Art – Tutorials for Decorating with Books

Posted on February 18,2014 by Jennifer

Hanging Book Art, Hanging Book Sculpture, Storybook Love aticle As Seen In the January February 2014 issue of Celebrating Everyday Life with Jennifer CarrollHello! Hello! Are you snow bound (or mud bound as the snow begins to melt and make a mess?) and looking for a fun project? Then, I hope you’ll check out this hanging book art project that is featured in the January/February issue of Celebrating Everyday Life with Jennifer Carroll I love how sculptural these books become when the pages are curled like this. It reminds me of a friendly honeycomb – friendly since there aren’t any bees! They also feel kind-of delicate and lacy…

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