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Christmas Inspiration with Celebrate magazine

Celebrate magazine, Christmas issue of Celebrate magazine, Christmas decorating ideas, Christmas magazine, Celebrating Everyday Life with Jennifer Carroll

I’m so excited to share that the November/December 2015 issue of Celebrate magazine is now on newstands everywhere, and I’m so honored to have contributed to this glorious issue! I’m sharing a never before seen royal plaid tablescape that I created! You can see a sneak peek here but I do hope that you will pick up either a digital copy here or a print edition from your favorite book seller.

Outdoor Thanksgiving Table

Outside Thanksgiving Table, Fireside Thanksgiving Table, Autumn tablescape, fall tablescape, plaid tablescape, gilded pumpkin table, fall leaf garland, fall leaf table, falling leaves table, outdoor fireplace table, Celebrating Everyday Life with Jennifer Carroll

The other day my dad and I were trimming some branches for a different project (he was trimming, I was observing) and we were both struck by the gorgeous colors of the leaves on the branches he was pruning. One look and I knew right away that I had to create a tablescape around these leaves, and do it quickly before they fell off! Fortunately it was a cool, rainy day and the branches were able to sit out overnight while I gathered my thoughts and supplies to set up this outdoor thanksgiving table, or fireside thanksgiving table as I like to think of it.

Free Gratitude Journal PDF

Free Gratitude Journal PDF, Free Printable Gratitude Journal, Thanksgiving Printable, Celebrating Everyday Life with Jennifer Carroll

I’m trying to practice an attitude of gratitude all year-round, but November is a month that is especially geared towards thankfulness. To celebrate this season of appreciation and awareness, I have created a journal for you and I to catalog our many joys and blessings. Best of all, it’s free for you to download and enjoy! I gave it an autumnal theme with the colors and images which makes it perfect for November and Thanksgiving. I’m a big fan of Creative Market and am always finding inspiring art there like this Queen Bee set by Create the Cut that I used to make this journal (affiliate links). In the download that I have created,

Are you waiting for something to happen, Free printable

Birds Nest Watercolor, Encouraging Quote, Inspiring Quote, Life is always a rich and steady time when you are waiting for something to happen or hatch, Celebrating Everyday Life with Jennifer Carroll

Are you in a season of waiting in your life? I have found that life is a constant ebb and flow of waiting… we wait in lines at stores, and in traffic, we can’t wait to grow up, we wait for difficult times to pass, we wait for vacations to arrive, we wait for movies to come out, we wait for holidays to come (and go), we wait for loved ones to come home, we wait for dreams to come true. We wait, wait, wait. It seems to me that life is what happens while we are waiting, so I’m trying to practice being better at waiting. I want to wait well, with a joyful expectancy, and I want to enjoy my life while I’m waiting. I have hopes and dreams in my heart that I pray will one day come true. I hope to see my book published, I hope to own a small farm, I hope to fall in love again, on and on my list goes, but I want to be careful that I’m not so caught up in the “one day dreams” that I miss the waiting season entirely. There is still joy to be found in these quiet moments of waiting. This quote seems to nicely summarize what my mind is trying to fathom:

Say hello to Jane.com!

5 Quick Picks, Celebrating Everyday Life with Jennifer Carroll

I just found the coolest site for awesome deals on a mix of women’s fashion, home décor and children’s clothing that has a distinct boutique vibe, so of course

On My Bookshelf :: Through the French Door by Carolyn Westbrook

Through the French Door Book Review, Through the French Door Carolyn Westbrook, French Decor book review, Celebrating Everyday Life with Jennifer Carroll

I never tire of looking at beautiful rooms, do you? I seem to have an insatiable hunger for ideas on how to make my rooms more personal, more functional, and well, just plain pretty. While browsing through the home decor books at my local bookstore – a favorite pastime of mine on those rare occasions when I have a few minutes that are not otherwise occupied – I discovered this book Through the French Door by Carolyn Westbrook. It was love at first ruffle. Crystal chandeliers, wrought iron beds, beautiful artwork, and of course lots of ruffles (and more), this book is pure femininity! Ms. Westbrook is a multi-talented designer living in a dreamy, palatial plantation house in Texas. And this book is a delightful showcase of not just her home, but other spaces that evoke the quintessential style that defines relaxed french living.  I was especially intrigued by

A Blue & White Fall Tablescape

Blue White Tablescape, Blue & White Thanksgiving Tablescape, Pinecone tablescape, Blue & White Autumn Tablescape, Thanksgiving table ideas, Celebrating Everyday Life with Jennifer Carroll

How much do you decorate for Thanksgiving? Personally, I pay extra attention to the table and the buffet (if I’m having one) and that’s mostly it. It seems like I put a bunch of decorations out for Halloween and Christmas and so it just seems easier to keep things a bit more simple at Thanksgiving. Are you like that too? I’m playing with a few different possibilities for my Turkey-day table. This month I’m planning to share several ideas I have for Thanksgiving tables in hopes that you will be inspired too! First up is today’s Blue & White setting. With the cooling temperatures fresh flowers are becoming scarcer and scarcer (at least in my garden), so I decided to take on the challenge of creating a beautiful table that was flower-free. And here’s what I came up with…

Pumpkin Spice Tea Cupcake Recipe

Pumpkin Spice Tea Cupcake recipe, Baking with Tea recipes, Tea cup recipe, Pumpkin dessert recipe, Fall dessert recipe, Autumn dessert recipe, Celebrating Everyday Life with Jennifer Carroll

Did you read the book review I shared last week? I mentioned there was a dessert that had utterly captured my imagination and this is it – well, almost. In the book, April shares an Almond & Earl Grey Tea Cake recipe which looks absolutely lovely. I was so charmed by the cakes baked in tea cups that my mind instantly began to reel with the possibilities, so much so, that I immediately came up with a list of ideas for an entire year! So, I’m turning this into a monthly feature. And this first month I am sharing a pumpkin spice tea cupcake recipe. I like the idea of these cakes having tea as one of the ingredients to really tie it in to being served in a tea cup. When dreaming up this recipe, and since it is Fall, I wanted something pumpkin-y but also spicy, and immediately thought of Constant Comment Tea(affiliate link). It has a wonderful blend of spices with a hint of orange which adds a sublime dimension to the pumpkin flavor.

Happy Halloween Watercolor Printable Art

Happy Halloween Pumpkin Watercolor Printable Art, Pumpkin Watercolor Printable, Watercolor Art, Free Printable, Celebrating Everyday Life with Jennifer Carroll

Happy Halloween dear friends! I hope you have a safe and magical day today. We will be trick-or-treating later and hopefully getting to bed early to enjoy the extra hour of sleep we get tonight! Don’t forget to turn your clocks back tonight if you participate in Daylight Saving Time. I’m excited because normally Sunday mornings are a bit frantic because we have to be at church by 7:45 am to get ready for the 8:30 service. So, I’m very excited to have time to take things a bit more slowly for once. Speaking of taking things slowly, I thought it would be nice to share a simple image with you today. Here I’m sharing an uncomplicated pumpkin and leaf watercolor image. I have one with text and without so you can choose your favorite.

How to Make Quick Fabric Pumpkins

How to Make Fabric Pumpkins, Fabric pumpkin tutorial, Fabric Pumpkin DIY, Quick and Easy Fabric Pumpkin, Celebrating Everyday Life with Jennifer Carroll

I am so excited to have finally, finally sat down and made these fabric pumpkins! My friend Lisa from Celebrate-Creativity has been encouraging me for ages to make them. I had hoped to make some last year, I even saved my pumpkin stems, but time got away from me and I didn’t make them. Well, when unpacking my decorations this year I found my bag of stems and was determined to give these a whirl this year, and I’m thrilled with how easy they were! The premise for these pumpkins is pretty simple. Cut out a circle of fabric, stitch the border to cinch it, fill it with stuffing, close the opening and glue on a stem. It’s really that easy. Truly, they only took a few minutes to make. Here’s what you need:

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