Starting 2015 Fresh & Clean with Libman!

Posted on January 1,2015 by Jennifer

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Scottie Dog Art, #HandmadeHolidays, Holiday Decor Hacks with STAPLES, DIY Christmas Decor, Handmade Holiday Decor, Celebrating Everyday Life with Jennifer Carroll, Plaid Washi Tape, Scotch® Expressions Washi Tape, Red Buffalo Plaid,Recently I was asked if I would be interested in taking a little shopping spree at Staples and make some fun and festive holiday decor out of my findings, to which I answered “YES, please!” I shop at Staples very regularly so I was already pretty familiar with the great products they have there, but it was fun to peruse the shelves with a new task in mind – making some fabulous holiday decor that I will want to see year after year. If you read this post on my Tartanware collection than you know that plaid is near and dear to my heart. When I came upon a red Buffalo Plaid washi tape by Scott brand, I knew I wanted to work with it somehow. I’ve actually not done a lot with washi tape in the past – I know lots of folks have but it just didn’t grab me before. Well, I can tell you, I am now a big, big fan! (Stay tuned for another fun washi project in another upcoming post!).


How to Plant Paperwhites

Posted on December 11,2014 by Jennifer

How to Plant Paperwhites, How to plant Narcissus, Winter Garden Ideas Well, my garden has officially succumbed to the chilly winter temperatures that we are experiencing around here. For the most part, this is fine with me, except that I will dearly miss my roses {sigh}. But, I just have to snuggle down and eagerly await their joyous return come Spring. In the meantime, I’ve decided to try my hand at planting Paperwhites or Narcissus as they are more formally known. How did this turn of events happen? Well, let me tell you…

Royal Heart Union Jack inspired ornament, How to make your own ornaments, DIY felt ornament, DIY Christmas Ornament, Ornament template, British ornament, London ornament, Crown ornament, heart ornament, Celebrating Everyday Life with Jennifer CarrollWe got our Christmas tree the day after Thanksgiving but it sat plain with just lights on it for many, many days because I just didn’t quite have my “vision” yet for the tree this year. I kept looking at all my ornaments, and while I love them, I just wasn’t “feeling it.” Have you ever had that happen? Rather than push forward, I decided to just move on to other holiday projects and enjoy the tree “as is” for now. This turned out to be a great plan for me because while planning some Christmas crafts I visited one of my all-time favorite British designer’s website: Jan Constantine. Side note, have you visited her before? If not, prepare to fall in love. I buy her online embroidery designs (dubbed craft kits on her site) and I dream of owning her pillows – especially this British Isles Map cushion {insert dreamy sigh here}.

Bookshelf makeover with CC Caldwell paint and Tartanware accents, Tole lamp, Celebrating Everyday Life with Jennifer Carroll,

Hello my lovely friends! I wanted to pop in to show a project I recently finished. Do you find yourself like me making a mad dash near the holidays to finish up projects that you’ve been procrastinating? Ugh, I’m so guilty of that!! This bookshelf is a prime example. It’s right near the front door of my home so when guests come in, it’s really the first thing they see. Since I moved in, it’s been styled pretty much as you see it here in this post which is fine but I’ve been meaning to paint the wood for ages and just hadn’t gotten around to it. Well, one of my goals in taking a bit of a blogging break has included having more friends over and extending more hospitality. Well, with that came the pressure to stop putting off some projects like this one and I’m so glad I finally pulled out my paint brushes and got to work! This painting makeover actually only took a couple of hours – which totally had me shaking my head wondering why I had waited so long?! Oh well. :-)


There is Enough {Inspiring Quote}

Posted on November 11,2014 by Jennifer

There is Enough, Inspiring Quote, Celebrating Everyday Life with Jennifer CarrollHello, hello dear ones! I know it’s been ages and ages since we’ve gotten to have a good chat. I’m so sorry. Things have been quite busy with my new photography business (thank you Lord!) and between that and being a mommy, I’ve been pretty occupied. But, you have honestly been constantly on my mind. I have been so blessed by the emails I have received from many of you. Your encouragement has been a wonderful balm, and I sincerely thank you for it.

This post is brought to you by Stella Artois.

Fried Chicken Recipe, Grandma's Sunday Supper, Stella Artois, #AThingOfBeauty, Celebrating Everyday Life with Jennifer Carroll

If you’ve been reading my blog for any amount of time, you’ve probably noticed that I love “beauty,” no, not typical “fashion” beauty (although I do appreciate that) but more so, I love seeing the beauty in the everyday moments of our lives. You know, the beauty of a quiet moment sipping a cup of tea, a small discovery in the garden, the spontaneous laughter of my daughter, the way the morning light gently washes over my kitchen table… moments like these. Additionally, I love to see the beauty of achievement, of pursuing goals and dreams with excellence. So, when Stella Artois, a Belgian beer maker who has been brewing with excellence since 1366 (yes, that’s more than 600 hundred years!) reached out to me, I was intrigued. When they said the focus of their new campaign was the tag line #AThingOfBeauty, I was sold. They have created a beautiful trio of videos based around the theme of “The Butcher, The Baker, The Belgian Beer Maker.” I’m including the video below for you to enjoy. They asked if I would share a recipe that is part of my family history while also introducing you to theirs. What a charming idea!

Ingredients for Grandmas Sunday Supper, Cooking with Stella Artois, #AThingOfBeauty, #sponsored, Celebrating Everyday Life with Jennifer CarrollJust popping in with a quick share…. The folks over at Stella Artois have a beautiful new campaign all about celebrating women and food and have asked me to join in. I’m going to be sharing some of my favorite recipes passed down to me from my Grandma… her traditional Sunday supper. Collard greens and squash are just the beginning ingredients to this delicious meal, and to some wonderfully cozy memories! Stay tuned to the blog next week to see what I’m cooking up!


Thank you & an Inspiring Quote

Posted on August 20,2014 by Jennifer

Inspiring Quote, We must be willing to let go of the life we have planned, so as to have the life that is waiting for us, Celebrating Everyday Life with Jennifer Carroll

Thank you all so, so much for your wonderful comments and emails last week. I have been so blessed by each of them! Lynne, a dear, sweet reader, sent me this quote and I just had to share it with you. It is by Joseph Campbell and it reads:


Saying Au Revoir…

Posted on August 6,2014 by Jennifer

I have wrestled with writing this post… it’s a post, I had hoped to never have to pen but alas, the time has come… I am very, very sad to announce the closing of Celebrating Everyday Life with Jennifer Carroll magazine. After working tirelessly for more than a year now to try to get wind under the wings of this dream, the time has come to gracefully accept that closing is the best course for now. As many of you know this magazine is published from my dining room table. I had hoped that the magazine would a) give me an outlet to share my creativity and passion b) earn me enough money to be able to stay at home with my daughter (I’m a single mother so all of that falls on my shoulders) and c) provide enough income for us to live on. Sadly, the magazine has never been able to break out of the red and I honestly don’t have the savings to carry it any further. As much as I have loved this, I have responsibilities that cannot be ignored and there simply aren’t enough hours in the day for me to work a full-time job, be a full-time mom, and run this magazine and blog. Something’s gotta give and it’s the latter, I’m afraid. Sadly, this also means that I will not be hosting the Market event in November as I had hoped.

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