Tips for hosting a Frozen themed birthday party!

Posted on February 25,2015 by Jennifer

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LOVE {Inspiring Quote} Free Printable

Posted on February 19,2015 by Jennifer

Love scripture printable, Inspiring quote, Inspiring printable,  Free Printable, Celebrating Everyday Life with Jennifer CarrollBefore the month of February skips off the calendar for 2015, I wanted to share a sweet little “Love” inspiration card that I’ve designed. For many of us, February is the month of love, but to me, there is so much more to “love” than just romance. Real love is often needed most when we go about our daily tasks showing kindness, generosity, patience… you know, all those adjectives that describe the deep, true meaning of the word.

A Beginners Guide to Decorating with Blue and White Part One, How to Decorate with Blue and White, Celebrating Everyday Life with Jennifer Carroll, How to style a side tableWelcome back to Part Three of “A Beginner’s Guide to Decorating with Blue & White” (you can read Part One here and Part Two here). Today we are looking at styling a side table. I think side tables are great spots to show off small collections, or in my case, a good opportunity to display pieces that might not otherwise have a home. After styling my mantel (which I will show you soon, I promise) I found I still had a few pieces of blue & white that just didn’t fit anywhere else. A large pitcher, a tiny ginger jar, and a petite tea cup and saucer set. These pieces are all darling and I like them very much, but wasn’t sure where to display them. Then my eye fell upon this tea cart and inspiration struck! With a bit of reorganization this would be a perfect spot – and tie in nicely with the adjacent mantel.


Valentine Victoria Sponge Cake recipe

Posted on February 12,2015 by Jennifer


If you follow me on Instagram (and I hope you do!) you might have seen the little cake photo I posted yesterday… well, here’s what I was up to! Valentine’s Day is always a busy holiday at my house because the day before is also my daughter’s birthday. This year, we are having a party on Sunday, plus cupcakes at school tomorrow, so it looks like we’ll be celebrating all weekend long! Earlier this week on a quick shopping trip to Target, I came upon this trio of small, heart shaped spring-form pans that were so cute, I just knew I had to bake some little cakes in them. I put my thinking cap on and decided to bake a beloved English dessert – a sponge cake – layered with fresh berries and vanilla buttercream, and delicately garnished with a few fresh flowers and a light dusting of powdered sugar.


A Valentine Roundup!

Posted on February 11,2015 by Jennifer

Valentine Projects and Recipes


A Beginners Guide to Decorating with Blue and White Part One, How to Decorate with Blue and White, Celebrating Everyday Life with Jennifer CarrollYesterday we began a series I’ve titled “A Beginner’s Guide to Decorating with Blue & White, part one” and I shared images of my dining room sideboard and shared about finding lovely accessories in unexpected places and a few key elements for displaying a small collection. Today, I want to peel the concept of decorating with blue and white back a bit more and focus on making a bold statement with one main piece.

A Beginners Guide to Decorating with Blue and White Part One, How to Decorate with Blue and White, Celebrating Everyday Life with Jennifer CarrollSlowly, over the last few year’s, I’ve been developing a deep affection for the iconic combination of “Blue & White.” It has kind of been creeping up on me. For some unknown reason when I was much younger I just didn’t have a particular interest in it, in fact there where times when I would ignorantly murmur “Blue & White, again?!” when I would see it… but now, my, oh my, what the passing of time can do to a girl’s taste! I think I must attribute this to a combination of a brilliant designer friend of mine (you know who you are Ms. Susan!), too much Southern Living magazine (is that even possible!?) and of course, the divine Carolyne Roehm. These three have influenced me so heavily that I have been slowly but steadily building a growing collection of blue and white items so that I can now enjoy sweet little blue & white vignettes in my own home. Of course they are nothing compared to the incredible displays seen on the pages of such beloved tomes as Ms. Roehm’s A Passion for Blue & White, but still, they make me smile and more importantly, fit my much more meager budget!
A Beginners Guide to Decorating with Blue and White Part One, How to Decorate with Blue and White, Celebrating Everyday Life with Jennifer CarrollOver the next few posts, I’m going to show you the many ways and spaces where blue & white is taking over in my home. Today, I’m sharing a little sideboard in my dining room. I like to start here because I think it shows how a small grouping can have a big impact and be very budget friendly.

Moses at Sight and Sound theater in Lancaster, PAImage (Sight & Sound Theater)

Before I jump into today’s post I want to stop and say WOW! Thank you all – each and every one of you – for your positively AMAZING support of my post last week on starting to write my book. I have read each and every comment and am treasuring them up in my heart. I have been going non-stop since I wrote it- traveling, then returning home and going right into pre-scheduled photo shoots (one is for a magazine, so fun! more on that later!) so I’ve been a little overwhelmed. But, I wanted to be sure you know, that you taking the time to write and encourage me on this journey is deeply, deeply meaningful to me! Thank you.


Writing a book, Just Do It!

Posted on January 28,2015 by Jennifer


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Today, I want to share a story from my heart. I hope it will encourage someone today.


Gratitude {Live Grateful!} Free Printable

Posted on January 27,2015 by Jennifer

Gratitude Free Printable, Celebrating Everyday Life with Jennifer Carroll
This year I’m really focusing on maintaining an attitude of gratitude IN my circumstances. Not waiting until I “feel” like being grateful – but being grateful ON PURPOSE – right now. To help remind me of this I created a little printable to put on my bulletin board to keep this idea at the forefront of my thinking. I thought you might enjoy it too, so I’m sharing this printable with you!

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