Ordering Cocktail Napkins for your Wedding

Posted on August 26,2009 by Jennifer Carroll

Cocktail napkins are a great way to combine style and function on your wedding day. They are a blank palette waiting to share something special with your guests and help them avoid sticky fingers! I saw the beautiful napkins above on Elizabeth Anne Designs' blog.

Couples are always asking me how many they should order so I thought I'd share my equation with you too! It's really simple. First, determine how many hours you'll have the bars open during your reception. For example, if your reception will be five hours long, then the bars will likely be open for 3 1/2 hours (allowing 1 1/2 hours for dinner-ask your banquet manager how long they estimate dinner service for all courses if you're not sure). Remember to include the cocktail hour! Then multiply the number of hours by 1.5. This is the average number of drinks that a guest will have per hour. Finally multiply that number by the number of guests your expecting. Here's what this looks like:

3.5 (# of hours) x 1.5 (# of drinks) x 100 (# of guests) = 525 napkins

Remember that you CAN only have decorative napkins for the cocktail hour and use plain or the venue's (or caterers) napkins for after dinner.

These by Darling Dexter were also on Elizabeth's site with an article about silk screening napkins at home!…. WARNING: if you are at all crafty you may not want to read this…. I'm already trying to think of where I can fit this machine in my craft area!!! :-)

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