My little corner at Greenwood Country Store

Posted on November 3,2011 by Jennifer

Recently I’ve been fielding extra inquiries locally for my cards (thank you Lord!) from customers who couldn’t find them in town. Now while a couple of stores in Charlottesville carry my line they tend to order seasonally and I can’t control what they stock. Now my intention is never ever to compete with my retailers (Oh, how I need them!) I did want to supplement the market in town. I thought having a space in my local Country Store would be a perfect stopgap! So, I’ve just begun renting a little corner at the Greenwood Country Store for my cards and other paper etcetera.

Above is a quick pic of some of my shelves while I was setting them up. The space isn’t finished yet (as you can undoubtedly tell by the hanging cords!) but it’s shaping up to be a nice little niche.

While I was working I had a quick chat with Suzanne (the owner) and I’m excited to say that I’m going to begin sharing “Greenwood Favorites” a spotlight of an item or two from the shop every Wednesday. I’ll begin this new series next week so please stay tuned!


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  1. November 04, 2011 at 1:44 am, katrina said:

    what a gorgeous set-up you have!


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