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Bonnie Bee asked me to make a video tutorial of my paper medallions and I aim to please so here’s my first video tutorial! These medallions were featured in the Summer 2012 edition of Celebrating Everyday Life with Jennifer Carroll which you can read here. It’s a 15 minute video because I wanted to give you lots of details. (Sorry if it’s too detailed!)  You can also read written directions on this post. I hope that you enjoy this lesson and begin making your very own medallions soon. While I’ve styled these for the 4th of July, I use these medallions year-round by just switching out the embellishments.

Paper medallions with vintage military buttons, patriotic ribbons & vintage sheet music with bandanas and white pitchers

Please leave a comment if you like this and would like to see me share more video tutorials. Have a particular topic in mind? Please tell me that too!

Happy Crafting!

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