I’m excited to be taking you back to the Luckett’s Spring Sale today! On Monday I shared my visit to Miss Mustard Seed’s booth, today I want to share a few other highlights of the show and some tips on maximizing your time & money at a sale like this. Ready? Let’s go!

There were lots and lots of pairs of chairs – I’d like to replace the chairs around my dining room table so I enjoyed looking at all the possibilities. I really liked these bee chairs {top left}. I love the scalloped shape and the bee crest but unfortunately these were outside of my budget. Library drawers, like the ones on the ground under the bee chairs, were very popular at the show – so many booths had them. I would love a set of these! Much to my disappointment I didn’t find a set that would work for me, they were either too wide or too pricey! I’m keeping these on my list of items to keep shopping for! The chalkboard chairs {top right} were so unusual (and clever!) that I had to snap a quick photo to share with you! I don’t think they’d be quite right around my table but if I had more space in my house I would have totally taken these home – $35 each seemed like a steal!

As is often the case at sales like these, I saw lots and lots of glass jars. But when we came upon this booth and I saw the jars with the numbers on them {top left} I had to take a quick photo because I love this idea! The numbers are just glued on so I know this would be a super easy DIY project. Expect a tutorial from me soon on this because I totally want to try this! There were also bird cages galore! There are some more of those library style drawers {top right}, I really, really want to find a set of those soon. I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

This was my 2nd favorite booth {photos above} at the sale (MMS being 1st of course!) and can you believe I don’t know the name of it? They were located in the back near the design house so if you were there and know the name do you mind telling me who they were? They had great room vignette’s but my far and away favorite was this extra long table (probably 18′ at least) that was anchored on each end by rustic ladders {top left} which they then suspended tree branches from to hang candles over the table. I stood stock still and just drank it all in! I am always hanging things over tables but I had never thought to use ladders to do it – we’ll I will now! My friend and I promptly went on the hunt for ladders and I found one for the bargain price of $15! I’m still hunting for one more though. I also loved the pieces of slate that they used as place mats {top right} – I bought several pieces and can’t wait to try this look myself. Rustic chic for sure!

Anything equestrian always gets my attention and trophies were on my shopping list for Luckett’s so I galloped right over to this display (ha!). While these trophies {photo above} are lovely they were a little out of my price range but happily the gals over at Stylish Patina had just what I needed as you see in my photos below!

Here’s an overview of most of my goodies from Luckett’s! There was a thunderstorm rolling in when I was taking the photos so I ran out of time to shoot everything but what you don’t see now I’m sure will be appearing on the blog soon! China, books, drawers, buttons, a door knocker, trophies, silver knives, vintage boxes, a red picnic basket and more!!

There were drawers everywhere! Seriously it seemed like every booth had them. This drawer {top left} was the 1st item I bought on Saturday. It reminds me of the library drawers that I was hunting for and I think I will be able to use it in lots of fun ways in photo shoots to come! This tea cup {top right} is actually covered in 22 karat gold – {a very thin layer but still, isn’t that fun?!} I am always on the lookout for unusual teacups and when I saw this one I knew I wanted it – I especially love the little Colonial couple you see on the inside, so cute! Here are the trophies {bottom right} that I scored at the Stylish Patina booth! Their booth was so fun to look around in. I hope to make it up to one of their barn sales soon because I loved their style!! How about that Lion’s Head doorknocker? {bottom left} My friend Dara bought that for me as a house warming present (I just moved recently) and I adore it. Plus, it’s from England and if you’ve read my Union Jack at Home post you know how much I love all things British! This is the best house warming gift ever!! There is also a very, very old book on English Grammar – I loved the cover artwork and I love that blue/green color – I probably need to read it too since I still struggle with where to place my commas, etc…

This screened dome {top left} was another Stylish Patina score! They had 3 sizes of these, I got the smallest and I love it! I am trying to build a collection of antique flatware so I always stop to dig through baskets of them when I can and there were plenty to be found at the sale. These little beauties {top right} I picked up inside the Luckett’s store for .50 cents each – this made me very happy since I was seeing them for $1 or more out in the tents! Which brings me to a couple of tips for shopping sales like this…

Tip #1
Shop around before coming to a show like this so that you know what the “going rate” is for items that you are looking for. Whether your looking around online at sites like etsy or ebay or walking around your local antique mall – doing your homework in this way will help you to avoid the mistake of overpaying. It will also help you to know a good deal when you see it so you can scoop it up quickly and not miss out.

Tip #2:
If you are looking for several items make a list and set a budget. This will help you to not get caught up in the frenzy and excitement of the sale. If a show is busy like Luckett’s was – there is almost a shopping fever that can take hold of the crowd. With a list and a budget you can at least attempt to stay on target as you run all around :-) And, don’t give up on your list or your budget! Example: I wanted a galvanized watering can. I saw lots of them in booths but they were all round $30 or more. This was outside my budget for this particular item and it was disheartening to go to booth after booth and see them priced outside of my range. I began to wonder if my expectations were just off (even though I had done my homework beforehand and new it was possible to find it for less) I began to feel like I should just give in but fortunately I didn’t and before the day was over I found just what I was looking for for only $5! Yep, five bucks – woo-hoo!!

Tip #3:
Bring cash with you if possible. You will be able to negotiate with vendors much more easily if you have cash in hand! Even if you aren’t interested in negotiating, cash will also help you to stay on budget and get you in and out of the booths more quickly!

Miscellaneous Tips:
Wear comfortable shoes & clothes, bring a hat if it’s outdoors (we were in direct sunlight all day, my hat really helped me cope!), keep napkins in your bag (silly I know but the restroom ran out of toilet paper but fortunately I had these with me!), stay hydrated and if possible bring a friend with you. It was great having someone to pal around with and give advice when I was wavering on certain decisions!

A note: At shows like this items can sell extremely fast. Example: There was a lace cloth that caught my eye at a booth as we were walking to get lunch. I said I’d look at it afterwards – when we came back it was long gone and I lamented missing out on it! So if you walk away from an item be prepared to never see it again…

While these tips are not meant to cover all eventualities I do hope that you’ll find them helpful. Do you have any suggestions you’d like to add? I’d love to hear them so please leave a comment!

Even though it’s May, I’m getting ready for a 4th of July photo shoot this Friday afternoon but I’ll be back on Friday morning with a post – I look forward to seeing you then!


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