I love the look of chalkboard signs but I often get intimidated by the thought of my sign not turning out how I want and that makes me sometimes just not even try – silly right? Especially when you consider that if you don’t like it, you can erase it and start over! If only life were more like that… Anyway, today I am getting ready for a photo shoot tomorrow for the summer edition of my online magazine and I will be including this “party” sign in the spread. I have put off drawing the sign for weeks because of what I said at the beginning. I see these gorgeous drawings on blogs and magazines (example: did you see the recent Oprah magazine cover with the chalk art? gorgeous!) and my insecurities come rushing in… “it will look cheesy”, “you’re not an artist”, “you can’t do that!” and on and on… Aren’t these thoughts that we all battle in some form or another? Nonetheless, with chalk in shaky hand, I dared to draw anyway and while it’s no “masterpiece” I’m very happy with my swirly chalk sign. It was easy and fun! Hey, a small victory and I’ll take it!

Have you attempted any chalk art lately? Does it intimidate you too? Let’s talk about it in the comments!

Happy Drawing!


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