{let’s decorate with} Pink & Green Drapes in a small little girl’s bedroom

Posted on June 20,2012 by Jennifer

I mentioned a week or so ago in my Planning a Pink & Green Little Girl’s Room post that I’ve been trying to carve out time to work on my daughter’s new pink bedroom. It’s a bit of a slow process because I have so many projects going on but this past weekend I was able to complete the drapes for her bedroom. This is pretty exciting to me because I’ve had this fabric for ages so to finally have checked this off my to-do list feels wonderful! Plus, the drapes warm up the room and make it look like we really live here. I love that settling in feeling :-) By the way, the fabric is called “Nouveau Bergere Toile” and is by 5th Avenue Designs for Covington. I purchased the fabric many years ago but I believe I got it from my local fabric store: Fabrics Unlimited.Here’s a little in-process photo {above right}. Plus a look at my new drill! I took advantage of the Father’s Day deals going on last week and got myself my very first just-for-me power tool! Look out projects, here I come!

The windows in this room are situated really close to the walls and aren’t evenly spaced… just a little quirk of my new home, I guess. The left window {shown below} has 3″ from the frame to the corner – definitely not space to have a traditional decorative finial and a drape – so I had to use my ‘noggin to come up with a plan. I knew I wanted drapes, the room is small and has 9′ ceilings which makes it feel very tall. I know you might think the drapes would accentuate this but they really don’t. They actually make it feel cozy but not cramped or too small. – An ideal feeling for a child’s room. Safe and snuggly :-)  So, to combat the odd spacing for my windows I took the finials off of the rods and butted the rod directly against the wall on the ends where there was a wall. I still have the pretty finials on the opposite sides and I get to hang my drapes –  hooray!

Now, if I had hung these drapes with a traditional rod pocket I never would have gotten around the rod’s hardware so again – I had to sit down and think… “hmmm…. how can I get around this?” Drapery hooks, of course! Except I wanted something cuter and more stylish than drapery hooks and you know me, I love to think outside the box. Hello, shower curtain hooks! Yep! I found these super cute shower curtain hooks in the bath section at Target and they are the perfect shade of pink to accent these drapes, don’t you think? {photo below} With these hooks, I could hang my drapes anywhere I like along my rod – hooray! I sewed a “mini” drape for the left side of this window – since the space was a total of 6″ (3″ of wall and 3″ of window frame) I made my drape 18″ wide – I like the “3 times the fullness” rule that most drapes tend to allow… and it worked like a charm!

I’m still planning the accents for that wall and the items on top of the cabinet – I have a project in mind for the lampshade and some cute prints for the wall that I’ve yet to hang but here’s a closer look at some of the “treasures” that are displayed for now.

I love this felt flower with pearl accents…

… and here’s part of our beloved Beatrix Potter tea set!

These flower fairy books by Cicely Mary Barker are – in a word – MAGICAL! I keep them up high because they are filled with pop-ups, envelopes and all kinds of treasures that Emma is not quite ready to play with yet… but we can at least enjoy looking at them for now on an “up-high and out-of-reach” shelf.

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I hope you like this mini-tour of the drapes and my shower curtain hook solution! Do you like to use unusual supplies in your craft/decorating projects? Please share your creative ideas in the comments, I’d love to know!

Happy Celebrating!


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  1. June 24, 2012 at 7:16 am, LucindaRiley said:

    What a beautiful bedroom and what a lucky girl to get to live there!!!  You have gorgeous taste!


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  4. January 26, 2014 at 10:30 am, Karla said:

    This bedroom is fabulous!! I especially love the drapes. You did an awesome job. :-)


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