It might have been months ago, but here at Jennifer Carroll Events, we're still swooning over Lori & Nick's summer wedding at Veritas Vineyard! We're so excited that The Knot is currently featuring this couple's rustic nuptials in their Spring issue and we just posted a larger peek at the entire day on our Facebook page. Lori and Nick really embraced their wedding's vineyard setting and, inspired by their enthusiasm, we intertwined their love for Virginia and each other into all the day's rustic details. Love this look, but aren't quite sure how to get it? Here are a few tips for bringing Lori and Nick's Big Day into your every day:


This wine cork place holder is super easy to re-create for any event– from a wedding for 200 to a casual dinner party for 20! The key is ensuring that the cork doesn't roll. After slicing the cork top, to place the card in, shave the bottom to create a flat edge for the cork to rest on. If you're using a tent card (like Lori and Nick did, above), you don't have to shave the bottom– just insert only the front flap of the card into the cork and allow the back flap to stablize the cork. Don't have a huge collection of corks at home? Your local winery will usually give their used corks away for free– so be sure to ask!

{photos by Jen Fariello}

Another detail we loved was the cider plank menu cards– the look and feel of the wood added an extra jolt of "Wow" factor as soon as guests sat down. For this design element, visit your local builder's supply company and ask if they have any extra cedar plank shingles. Cut the shingles down to size, then sand everything– you don't want anyone getting a splinter when they pick up their menus!

A vineyard theme can be incorporated into any event, whether it be a cozy dinner for two or a large corporate luncheon. Lori and Nick really emphasized the natural summer colors of Veritas– lavendars, greens, browns– and by incorporating those into your space, you'll invoke a summery, wine-soaked scene.

Happy Wednesday!

-Jennifer & Stephanie

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