As I mentioned in my How to Frame a Plate post, I’m {slowly} decorating my daughter’s bedroom. Because of all the work I’ve been doing on my online magazine – which is coming out this week! – I’ve not been able to work on it as much as I’d like. But, I am hoping to make some real headway on it over the next couple of week’s and here you can see some of what has been inspiring me!

{top row} I found the “E” glitter tag and pink rosebud tealight candle holder on clearance at my local Michael’s craft store recently – I love anything with glitter and typography and well I’m a sucker for pink, so these were “no brainer” purchases for me. And at clearance prices – score! I have filled the candle holder with some of my white Luckett’s buttons! {bottom row} A Jemima Puddleduck teacup – this just makes me smile. I’ll have the matching plates hanging so I’m not sure yet what I’ll do with the teacups. I might hand them from little hooks? We’ll see. The crepe paper flowers and pink medallion are part of the canopy project that I’m working on…. hope to have photos of that for you soon.

I have had this fabric {top} since before she was born (yes, she’s almost 16 months old… where does the time go?!) but I am now finally going to stitch it up! I discovered this sweet pom-pom trim {bottom right} at my local JoAnn’s Fabric Store and think it will be perfect bordering the drapes in her room. To hang the drapes I had to search a bit but I found these drapery rods {bottom left} at my local Lowe’s and think the carved details will enhance the storybook feeling I’m trying to create. I will be sure to share the finished drapes with you soon – in fact, knowing I must share them with you will help to prompt me to do them soon! Do you have any projects that you’ve put-off? I invite you to tell me about them in the comments, maybe it will help you move it up higher on your to-do list :-)

We’re getting quite a collection of bunnies – which suits me just fine – I especially love these two flopsy bunnies! {top} The ruffled crepe paper that I sewed for her birthday is so “girly”. {middle left} I’m not positive how or if I can work it in but I really want to. The Peter Rabbit sugar bowl – adorable! {middle right} These felt flowers {bottom} are part of the Martha Stewart Craft collection at Michael’s. The colors are perfect for this project! I’m thinking of working them into the canopy but I’m not positive…. I just love them so much I know I’ll use them somewhere.

Well, I’d better go get started! Happy Wednesday!



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