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{drumroll, please!} Hurrah! I’m so excited to (finally) unveil the Summer 2012 issue of Celebrating Everyday Life with Jennifer Carroll to you!! I have been giving you very tiny sneak-peeks of the publication over these last couple of weeks and am just so happy to share the entire magazine with you now. It’s a true labor of love {emphasis on the labor!} but I’m very proud of how it turned out and hope you will find some inspiration among these pages. There are ideas for a Storybook Princess party, 4th of July Celebration, Dessert Under the Stars party, lots of yummy recipes, fun articles about selecting wine for your next barbecue, growing herbs and even what to do when life hands you lemons!!

I really want to thank my friends who contributed – you all are AWESOME!!!  I also want to thank my family for supporting me in this. As a work-from-home mom doing all the brainstorming, designing, creating, not to mention a fair amount of photography as well as the entire layout and publishing process – on my own, I can tell you this was intense. Working on a project of this magnitude – your emotions can run away with you. I would worry and fret but in the end it has all come together and while there are still little bits I would tweak, I can see that that could be an endless cycle so I’ve decided to step away from the camera (I was still shooting a bit even this morning!) and keyboard and just publish it already :-)

I invite you to share this with your friends and family – tweet it, facebook it, pin it, blog about it! Just please always link back here (i.e. don’t download the magazine and link to it on your site). Also, if you do blog about it, please send me a link – I’d love to see your write up!

Thank you for supporting me in my dream. I am more grateful than I can express.

Happy Celebrating!

Jennifer Carroll. Celebrating Everyday Life blog

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