Mockingbird Hill Cottage blogHello, hello dear friends! Once again it is time to take a cyber-field trip and today we are going to visit Claudia at Mockingbird Hill Cottage. Before I plunge into all the great projects I want to share a quick story. I’ve been a fan of Claudia’s blog for, oh, I don’t know a couple of years at least… She is a very good friend of Brenda’s from the Cozy Little House blog (another blog I lurked around on for a couple of years) and so I’ve had both of their blogs on my radar to feature (although I didn’t realize they were friends!). Well, a couple of weeks ago I got an email from Brenda who was confirming my blog addy because she wanted to add me to her blogroll. I was so excited! Then Brenda told me that not only did she want me on her blog roll but that she and her friend Claudia had gotten on the phone together and went back in my blog and oohed and aahed over my styling! My sister and I do just this type of thing all the time, so I couldn’t believe that someone had done that on my blog too! So cool!! Two bloggers whom I hugely respect hanging out on my blog – so fun!

buffet makeover on Mockingbird Hill Cottage blogOK, let’s jump right in to all the goodies over at Mockingbird Hill Cottage! Ever since becoming obsessed with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint I get really excited whenever I see furniture makeovers like this buffet turned kitchen island project! I especially love all the carved wood details – isn’t it beautiful? Oh, and Claudia added beadboard to the back – genius!

crocheted garland from Mockingbird Hill Cottage blogI {heart} all things aqua and I also love to knit so this DIY crochet garland immediately caught my eye. I’ve not done much crocheting but I so love this garland that I think I’m going to have to give this a try! I’ll keep you posted on my progress. Want one but don’t want to make it? Hop over to Claudia’s etsy shop! She’s got them in stock right now!

doily lampshade from Mockingbird Hill CottageCheck out this sweet and romantic Doily Swag Light. I have a “raw” lampshade very similar to this and I’ve been wondering what to do with it and I think I know now!

studio space at Mockingbird Hill CottageOne of my favorite things to study are fellow “creatives” studio spaces… so I love that Claudia gives us a tour her studio. (I anxiously await each new issue of Where Women Create!) I think because it’s a real glimpse into their style and I love to see our similarities. For example, I see lots of horse style ribbons in Claudia’s space – I too have a ‘thing’ for these types of ribbons and I love to see how she has decorated with them. Little details like that bond me to certain bloggers/designers. It’s fun to feel a connection to folks you admire, isn’t it?!

chalkboard sign from Mockingbird Hill CottageI’ve seen lots of chalkboard sign tutorials on the internet but none where the frame was made out of remnant decorative trim from a buffet (remember that kitchen island at the top? yeah, it’s from that!). How clever is this??

doll house from Mockingbird Hill CottageThis dollhouse makeover is… well… hmmm… you know? I’m not sure how to even express how COOL it is! I hadn’t really given dollhouses that much thought before seeing this one, I mean, sure- I had a Barbie dream house as a girl but it was nothing like this beauty! So now I’m always keeping an eye out for “the one” because I seriously never knew how cool a dollhouse makeover could be. She installed wood floors in this for goodness sakes! And since there’s only so much DIY/makeover I can do in my townhouse naturally a dollhouse is a piece of real estate I know I could take on!

MacNeal Princess Elizabeths Spy

As if all the makeovers, tutorials, eye candy and more weren’t enough, periodically Claudia also shares book reviews (seriously, could she get any cooler?!) I am an avid reader and love finding new books so I think this is such a great bonus feature on her blog. She recently review a book titled Princess Elizabeth’s Spy. I particularly like Historical Mysteries and this is a book I hadn’t heard of. Isn’t it fun to find a new author? Thanks, Claudia!!

I hope you will go visit Claudia at Mockingbird Hill Cottage and please say hello for me! Like her wonderful friend Brenda, Claudia really opens up her heart and her home to us on her blog and even shares lots of blogging tips too! She’s a very, very special woman and I’m betting you’ll love her as much as I do!

See you tomorrow and Happy Celebrating!

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