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Healthy Harvest Chicken Soup

Good Morning! I’m popping in for a quick post today. I’m working on a custom print job for a client and this project has been riddled with printer errors and is using up ink faster than I can find it (and I’ve been to 2 different Staples office supply stores!) I’m hoping to wrap it up today but alas it’s taking up time that I’d otherwise enjoy spending chatting with you!

Oh well. No matter. Today I have a treat for you! Do you follow: How Sweet It Is? This food blog has tons of lovely recipes like this Healthy Harvest Chicken Soup recipe (above) but for me it’s Jessica’s witty writing style that keeps me coming back. Seriously. She is laugh out loud funny to me! Every recipe has funny quips and banter sprinkled in for good measure.

Roasted Pecan Pumpkin Butter

But she’s not just funny. This gal can really cook too! The recipes are creative and super yummy ! I’m so craving some of this Roasted Pecan Pumpkin Butter (above) right now! Can’t wait to whip this up!! I’m so excited it’s Fall. Not only do I love the weather but I also really love the foods – Roasted Squash, Pumpkin Pie, Soups, Stews and more. Yuuummmmmm!

Triple Berry kale salad

It’s not all just dessert and soups that get me going…. I’m also excited about this Triple Berry Kale salad (above)! I’ve recently started mixing raw Kale leaves into my salad greens and I really, really like it! There was a small adjustment period at first but now I find that plain salad greens seem a little “flat” without the extra ‘umph’ that comes from Kale! Have you tried it raw? Do you like it too?

Anywho…If you are looking for some yummy recipes and enjoy laughing (and who doesn’t?!) then I hope you will pop over and visit Jessica at How Sweet It Is. Please tell her I sent you!

Happy Celebrating!

Jennifer Carroll,

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