As 2008 is ending my mind is turning to thoughts of 2009. What will it be like? What will I accomplish? These questions have even more meaning for me this year because my grandmother just passed away on Christmas Day… barely a week ago. She was diagnosed only 5 weeks ago with cancer and is now gone. 
Life is so fleeting, I want to remember to take advantage of every moment that God gives me. I love this photo of the woman looking towards the horizon, seeing the journey ahead and with walking stick in hand, she is prepared to face it. I want to be prepared too! So, as I gaze out on the adventure of a new year ahead, I want to embrace every moment that I have and dare to dream! My resolutions for 2009? Be full of faith, hope and courage. With God's grace, these tools will get me through every step on my journey.
I hope you will join me in being brave and daring to dream really big! We can do it!!
Happy New Year!
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