If your dreams don't scare you, they're not big enough quoteOne thing that I learned at the Haven conference was that I’m not alone in feeling inferior. It was surprising (and not surprising all at the same time) to me. I looked at these amazingly talented superstar bloggers and was so blessed to hear them share how they too sometimes struggle with not feeling good enough. I battle with this emotion a lot but the keyword is BATTLE. I refuse to accept this state of mind but unfortunately that doesn’t just make it automatically go away. What will? I think catching those thoughts and replacing them with truth – you see I think those thoughts are lies. So when I was out walking with my little one this morning – enjoying a glorious Spring like day despite the fact it’s almost July – I had the idea to begin sharing an encouraging quote with you each week. Whether you are trying to overcome negative thoughts or just like to read an inspiring bit of prose, I hope these words will inspire you on your journey!

I will be back tomorrow with some promised 4th of July party inspiration. Stay tuned!

’til then….

Happy Celebrating!


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