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{Blogs I Love} The Lilypad Cottage

Posted on January 31,2013 by Jennifer

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Football Cake Pops {Super Bowl Recipe!}

Posted on January 30,2013 by Jennifer

football cake pops, Superbowl recipe

With the Super Bowl coming up this weekend I pulled this recipe out of my archives to share with you! No matter which team you’re rooting for – or have no idea who’s playing (like me!) – there’s something about the Super Bowl that brings out the fan in all of us. And this Super Bowl recipe is easy, delicious and fun and it won’t keep you trapped in the kitchen missing all the action. You can even use a store bought cake if you don’t want to bake your own.


{Be Encouraged} When Life Hands You Lemons!

Posted on January 29,2013 by Jennifer

encouraging quote, when life hands you lemonsWhat’s the old saying? No good deed goes unpunished? Yeah, I’m kinda there… I was just leaving a comment encouraging my friend Diane of An Extraordinary Day and no sooner did I hit ‘submit comment’ than my two year old decided to dive over my legs (which were extended out on an ottoman) and face plant into the carpet. I had my laptop on my lap and a cup of hot tea in one hand when this death-defying feat of hers occurred. Naturally I scrambled to set my tea down and tossed the laptop aside to rescue my little acrobat who was shocked at the result of her performance. Thankfully she is ok but sadly my laptop is in the ICU. It seems that the sloshing cup of tea sloshed right onto my keyboard… I guess my Mac doesn’t like a cuppa hot tea as much as I do.


I {heart} Pancakes :: Valentines Day Recipes

Posted on January 28,2013 by Jennifer

Valentines Day Recipes, Heart Shaped Pancakes, Strawberry Pancakes

At the grocery store this week they had a special on strawberries – buy one pack, get one free – so we are on Strawberry overload and I had to get thinking about the best way to use them so that we would eat them all. Well, I love pancakes, we eat them regularly and with Valentine’s Day approaching I thought it would be fun to make some Strawberry Pancakes. But, if I’m going to make Strawberry Pancakes, why not take it one step further and make them Heart Shaped Strawberry Pancakes?! So, here we have delicious Valentines Day Recipes for Homemade Strawberry Pancakes with Strawberry Syrup.

Repurposed & Recycled DIY Project Link Party

WOW Y’all! Can I just say how grateful and blessed I was by all the amazing entries in the contest?! I’ve never hosted a link party before and I have to say I was really nervous about it, but I can see now that I had no reason to be! There were so many creative entries – I was blown away!

This also made it really hard to choose a winner because every entry was special. Every project had heart and I would be honored to share them – and keep an eye on the facebook page because I do plan to do some shout-outs periodically and your project might be next!

But in the end a winner had to be selected and I’m thrilled to say that the winner is…………….


{Blogs I Love} Uncommon Designs

Posted on January 24,2013 by Jennifer

Uncommon Designs Blog logo

Please say hello to my friends Trish & Bonnie the dynamic duo behind Uncommon Designs. They are sisters-in-law who blog their passion for fabulous decor and craft projects! There’s lots to see on their site so I know I’ll barely scratch the surface but here are a few of my favorite projects from them.

dip dyed fabric garland

You know how much I love burlap, right? So, this Dip-Dyed Fabric Garland project is a complete inspiration to me and I’m dyeing (ha! ha!) to try it out!


Key to My Heart : DIY Art Project with Burlap!

Posted on January 23,2013 by Jennifer

Ornate Red Lacquer Frame, red striped burlap ribbon, jute webbing with red stripe, sacred heart locket, antique key, Key to my heart craftIt’s no secret that I love burlap so imagine my delight when agreed to become a sponsor on my blog?! Yippie! I have ordered from them before and I can honestly say, I love their products! At Christmas I ordered some of their Jute Webbing with an oh-la-la red stripe and used it to make bows on my mantel. Well, with Valentine’s Day coming I thought it would be lovely to pull out the webbing again and make something crafty like this DIY art project. I always have lots and lots of frames on hand (it seems I can’t resist getting just one more whenever I’m in Marshall’s) and this red lacquer frame is perfect for a Valentine inspired piece, don’t you think? So, voila! I present to you a “Key to My Heart” framed art piece! It’s so easy to make, here’s what you need:


Love Notes… A Red Color Story

Posted on January 22,2013 by Jennifer

Red Color Story, Vintage Valentine, Love stamps, red flower buttons, red heart pill box, red ribbon

I know it’s Tuesday, and I normally share an inspiring quote on Tuesdays, but I figured since we had the Dare to Dream post yesterday that I would share some “visual inspiration” today! So, I’ve gathered a few favorite bits of red and put together a little color story that I’ve dubbed “Love Notes”.


Daring to Dream… Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Posted on January 21,2013 by Jennifer

Martin Luther King Jr day, Dream, Nobody Sees the world quite like you doToday our country honors Martin Luther King, Jr., a man who dared to dream a dream and pursue it relentlessly. And his dream forever changed our nation. His dream made a difference. He saw a world where we were all equal and all free and he knew he must not let that dream go – despite the odds and opposition, he had to continue marching, literally, forward.

{Turquoise Mirror and Antique Chest Makeover} Painting with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

The first floor of my house has an open floor plan with the kitchen/dining room completely open to each other and because I like having the tv on while I’m cooking, I wanted to incorporate a television into this space without it “taking over”. I already have a china cabinet on the wall best suited for the telly so having another tall entertainment cabinet didn’t feel right to me. I also need all the storage space I can get so I knew I’d have to hunt to find just the right pieces for this room – especially because I don’t have a big budget to spend in here. I looked at all the big box stores but just couldn’t find something that I loved and wasn’t all that happy with the prices either. So, the hunt was on!

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