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{Color me} Inspired by Fall

Posted on August 31,2012 by Jennifer

Red Plaid Handbag, Fall Color board, Ralph Lauren Houndstooth pillow

I recently styled a photo shoot for Fall and just loved the colors of this photo so much I couldn’t resist sharing it with you today! Doesn’t it get you so excited for those crisp and cool days of Autumn? Plus, I thought it would be fun to share a couple of the resources in case you, like me, love these props!

Action is the foundational key to all success quote, Pablo Picasso quote

Sometimes I can be so busy and yet feel like I’m just treading water or getting nowhere fast. In those times when it seems that nothing is happening, I try to remember that by continuing to plant seeds the harvest will one-day come. I have seen this repeatedly in my life and yet it is still so easy to forget. I will submit an idea to a magazine or client only to hear no response for days, months, once even an entire year went by (!) but then suddenly, one day, they call back.


Taking Tea and Thrift-y Shopping {advice}

Posted on August 29,2012 by Jennifer

Wedgewood teacup, vintage tea tin, caspari napkin, afternoon tea


How to Make a Scalloped Gift Wrap Tag

Posted on August 27,2012 by Jennifer

Gift wrap gift tag


{Blogs I Love} The Fête Blog

Posted on August 23,2012 by Jennifer

The Fete Blog

Please say hello to my sweet friend and former assistant (!) Stephanie Marie of the delightful blog: Fete. Much like the ballerina in this photo below Stephanie is a true “wonder” woman to me.


BBQ Party Kit {End of Summer Party idea!}

Posted on August 22,2012 by Jennifer

BBQ party invitation, pig roast party invitation, end of summer partyIt’s hard to believe that summer is almost over, isn’t it? The school buses are back out on the roads which is always the official “end of summer” sign to me… Before you pack up all the summer fun though, consider having one last hurrah of summer with a fun-tastic BBQ or Pig Roast. And how better to get the word out than with these fun printable invites from my etsy shop? {shameless self-promotion alert!}


{be inspired} Behold the Turtle quote

Posted on August 21,2012 by Jennifer

Behold the Turtle quote, be brave quote, inspirational quote, motivational quoteI love turtles and tend to buy little turtle figurines like this one when I come across them. I’m not sure why I have such a soft spot for these little guys but I have ever since I was a girl. I used to have a pet turtle (in fact I’ve had several) and just adored them!

Vintage Inspired Halloween Fabric, Trick or Treat Fabric, The Alexander Henry Fabrics Collection

Just a quick post today because I’m juggling quite a few projects – one of which is for one of my favorite magazines (unfortunately I can’t share any details yet – but you’ll be the 1st to know when I can!!)

This past weekend while doing some sourcing for an upcoming photo shoot, I was in my local JoAnn Fabric store and spotted this vintage inspired Halloween fabric that I think is positively adorable…


{How to} Dress Up a Paper Sack

Posted on August 17,2012 by Jennifer

How to Dress Up a Paper Sack

I always like to send my sister some fun and unique home office supplies because organizing and running your home is always more fun with an owl eraser or music note shaped paper clip, isn’t it?! Well, corralling all these gifts can sometimes be a little challenging since they are a mix of sizes. I didn’t have any cute boxes or tins around like I normally do and wondered what I could package the gifts in… and then I thought, “hey! how about a dressed up paper sack?!”

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