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Patriotic Table for 4th of July BBQ or Picnic with red, white & blue decorations, flags & bunting

I’m back with more 4th of July party inspiration! Here’s a pulled back look at the table sitting out front of this lovingly restored farm house. It belongs to a dear friend of mine and I’ve been wanting to stage a party shoot here for ages but I wanted to wait for the perfect project and this was it! I think this house was “made” for a red, white & blue celebration, don’t you?


{Blogs I Love} Restore Interiors

Posted on June 28,2012 by Jennifer

restore interiors blog logoI’m updating the design of my blog over the next several days and you’ll notice some changes. I know change can be hard sometimes but I ask you to bear with me as we work out the kinks. I’m excited to be implementing these upgrades that will help my blog to be more profitable which will not only provide an income for my daughter and I but also help me to create even more fun projects to share with you!


{let’s celebrate} a 4th of July backyard celebration

Posted on June 27,2012 by Jennifer

Stars & Stripes 4th of July Picnic, BBQ Celebration and Party IdeasCan you believe that the 4th of July is next week? I don’t know where the time goes.  It’s Independence Day next week and I’m sure it will be Halloween before we know it!  Well, no matter how fast it’s all going… I’m SO excited to share my 4th of July celebration with you!  I had so much fun pulling this party together.  I love old-Hollywood musicals and one of my all-time favorites is The Music Man with Robert Preston and Shirley Jones. It is a Star-Spangled, Technicolor Extravaganza and was very much and inspiration to me for this party!


{be encouraged} Dream Big! quote

Posted on June 26,2012 by Jennifer

If your dreams don't scare you, they're not big enough quoteOne thing that I learned at the Haven conference was that I’m not alone in feeling inferior. It was surprising (and not surprising all at the same time) to me. I looked at these amazingly talented superstar bloggers and was so blessed to hear them share how they too sometimes struggle with not feeling good enough. I battle with this emotion a lot but the keyword is BATTLE. I refuse to accept this state of mind but unfortunately that doesn’t just make it automatically go away. What will? I think catching those thoughts and replacing them with truth – you see I think those thoughts are lies. So when I was out walking with my little one this morning – enjoying a glorious Spring like day despite the fact it’s almost July – I had the idea to begin sharing an encouraging quote with you each week. Whether you are trying to overcome negative thoughts or just like to read an inspiring bit of prose, I hope these words will inspire you on your journey!


Back from Haven Conference 2012 {oh what fun!}

Posted on June 25,2012 by Jennifer

I’m home from my Haven Conference adventure! My trip down was fairly uneventful (always a good thing when traveling!) and I was so excited to receive this amazing swag bag upon my arrival at the hotel. Can you believe the awesomeness that is included? Tucked inside the bag was Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, a stencil from Royal Design Studio, a Kreg Jig mini tool, a paint brush, an entire roll of Frogtape, a Comfort Grip handle for spray paint from Rustoleum, a can of stain remover from Oreck, Cutter bug spray, a thermal mug from HGTV & Shaw and more, more, more!

Did you know that Martha Stewart has a new line of home office products from Avery? (It’s available here at Staples.) When I learned this I clicked right over to the website to check it out. I was pretty excited when I saw the line but I was reluctant to buy any of it without seeing it in person to check out the quality and colors. (As you know – computer monitors can be so tricky regarding color!) Well, as you can see by the photo below I bought a couple of items {ahem} ok, perhaps more than a couple…

I mentioned a week or so ago in my Planning a Pink & Green Little Girl’s Room post that I’ve been trying to carve out time to work on my daughter’s new pink bedroom. It’s a bit of a slow process because I have so many projects going on but this past weekend I was able to complete the drapes for her bedroom. This is pretty exciting to me because I’ve had this fabric for ages so to finally have checked this off my to-do list feels wonderful! Plus, the drapes warm up the room and make it look like we really live here. I love that settling in feeling :-) By the way, the fabric is called “Nouveau Bergere Toile” and is by 5th Avenue Designs for Covington. I purchased the fabric many years ago but I believe I got it from my local fabric store: Fabrics Unlimited.Here’s a little in-process photo {above right}. Plus a look at my new drill! I took advantage of the Father’s Day deals going on last week and got myself my very first just-for-me power tool! Look out projects, here I come!

(Having trouble? You can view the video on YouTube here.)

I’m a big dreamer. I always have been. I’m often telling my friends that I “shoot for the moon and worse case, I land in the stars!” Some of my biggest dreams are to one day write a book on entertaining and maybe even have a tv show (tee-hee!!) so it was a lot of fun for me to put together this “commercial” for the summer issue of Celebrating Everyday Life with Jennifer Carroll! My mom helped me do this and we had so much fun choosing outfits, picking locations, shooting outside before it started pouring down rain, and more! All of it was a blast. We filmed the video with my iphone 4s – I love the camera on my phone! Then I used iMovie on my mac laptop to edit the film. This program is so simple to use – I highly recommend it if you are planning to do any “homegrown” videos like mine. A special thanks to John Paul Gladwell for allowing me to use his original composition “Riverboat” in this video – it’s such a cheerful, southern melody… I love it! You can see the video here on YouTube. I hope to do more videos in the near future – maybe showing a recipe or craft…. what do you think? Would you like to see more videos from me? Leave me a comment and let me know. Also, if you have any tips or advice on filming and editing I’d love to hear that too!


{let’s make a} Ham, Vegetable & 3 Cheese Quiche

Posted on June 15,2012 by Jennifer

I used to be very intimidated by quiche recipes. I’m not sure why but I was. I always enjoyed eating them when I went out to eat or was at a friend’s house but I never made them at home. To conquer this I decided to bake a quiche once a week for several months and within a month I had overcome my fear of baking them! One thing that I loved about the routine of baking a quiche once a week was that it allowed me to play with variations and decide which I liked best – all cheese, broccoli and cheese, meat, no meat, you get the idea. This is my tried and true recipe for my most favorite version – Spinach, Mushroom, Squash, Zucchini, Tomato, Asparagus, Ham and 3 cheese quiche.  This is one of those great dishes for throwing in lots of veggies that may be lingering in your fridge. If I have all these on hand I include them, if not no big deal, just use what you have. I try to keep country ham around at all times – I use it as a bacon “substitute” when I’m not in the mood to haul out a pan to fry some. It saves me a cooking step and I still get the yummy ham flavor. Here’s my recipe:

Father’s Day is this Sunday! Have you gotten your gift yet? If the dad in your life is anything like mine, he’s incredibly difficult to shop for. So I’ve stopped trying to buy him things and have begun to rely on giving him fun “life experiences” instead. A round of golf, detailing his car, time together to go hiking, you get the point… and these coupons are the perfect way to share those with him. Best of all? These are free for you!

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