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{let’s have a} Pirate Party!

Posted on May 30,2012 by Jennifer

Memorial Day weekend always marks the beginning of summer to me and what says summer more than a pirate party on a beach? The papers for this party are featured here in my etsy shop. Because I get so many questions about this party I thought it would be fun to share more details with you here on the blog. Let’s get started! When staging a pirate party obviously the first choice is to be near water. Don’t live near the ocean? Neither do I! So we staged this party on the beach of a lake at one of our local parks before they opened to the public one day. It was the perfect venue for this celebration and because it’s a state park the entrance fees are low and sometimes even free for parties!


{so cute} A Scotty at Luckett’s

Posted on May 25,2012 by Jennifer

There is one last treat I want to share from my visit to Luckett’s last weekend – this Serro Scotty camper. While we were standing in line for lunch I saw this super cute little camper parked by the outdoor pizza kitchen (yummy pizza, by the way!) and wondered why it was parked there. Turns out it is a Serro Scotty that was for sale. We poked our heads inside and it is THE CUTEST little camper we’d ever seen! My friend and I instantly thought it would make the best girl’s “clubhouse”! Imagine having something so cozy to retreat too – ahh, the possibilities! I’d never seen a Scotty trailer before but after seeing this one and looking around online I see that they are a much beloved camper. I can see why when I look at it’s perfectly appointed interior. Compact yes but everything you need is right within reach so who can complain? I loved the aqua and red interior and the touches of whimsy like the hula dancer on the table – I can imagine many happy memories being made here…. maybe one day!


{let’s visit} Luckett’s Spring Fair!

Posted on May 23,2012 by Jennifer

I’m excited to be taking you back to the Luckett’s Spring Sale today! On Monday I shared my visit to Miss Mustard Seed’s booth, today I want to share a few other highlights of the show and some tips on maximizing your time & money at a sale like this. Ready? Let’s go!


{say hello} Me & Miss Mustard Seed!

Posted on May 21,2012 by Jennifer

I had the immense privilege of meeting one of my blogging idols on Saturday – Miss Mustard Seed {aka Marian Parsons –} at the Luckett’s Spring Sale!!! Such a t-r-e-a-t! May I just say what a delightful woman she is – truly sweet!! I watched and waited while she laughed and chatted individually with fan after fan, making each and every one feel special. As I waited my turn I nervously wondered “would she remember me?” -see I’ve had a bit of online correspondence with her and I have to say that the hope was there that she would recall our exchanges and – she did! She knew just who I was and can I tell you what a happy feeling that creates when someone you respect and admire connects with you! She was gracious, lovely, encouraging and authentic. A true star!!


{sneak peek} Dessert Under the Stars Party

Posted on May 18,2012 by Jennifer

I’m a tired but oh-so-happy gal this morning! Last night Jen Fariello came over and we shot the “Dessert Under the Stars” party scene for the Summer issue of my magazine – you can see a sneak peek of the party table in the photo above. I was feeling a little nervous before we started shooting – I always get nervous! – but once the light started to soften into that magical twilight hour the scene really came to life and Jen captured the magic in her special way. Anita Gupta of Maliha Creations created the most glorious cake – you will positively swoon when you see it. I am so excited to share this all with you soon! Have you subscribed to the magazine yet? If not, click here to be sure you don’t miss it!!


{let’s} Draw with Chalk!

Posted on May 16,2012 by Jennifer

I love the look of chalkboard signs but I often get intimidated by the thought of my sign not turning out how I want and that makes me sometimes just not even try – silly right? Especially when you consider that if you don’t like it, you can erase it and start over! If only life were more like that… Anyway, today I am getting ready for a photo shoot tomorrow for the summer edition of my online magazine and I will be including this “party” sign in the spread. I have put off drawing the sign for weeks because of what I said at the beginning. I see these gorgeous drawings on blogs and magazines (example: did you see the recent Oprah magazine cover with the chalk art? gorgeous!) and my insecurities come rushing in… “it will look cheesy”, “you’re not an artist”, “you can’t do that!” and on and on… Aren’t these thoughts that we all battle in some form or another? Nonetheless, with chalk in shaky hand, I dared to draw anyway and while it’s no “masterpiece” I’m very happy with my swirly chalk sign. It was easy and fun! Hey, a small victory and I’ll take it!


{let’s make some} Veggie Mac ‘n Cheese

Posted on May 14,2012 by Jennifer

My daughter and I love macaroni and cheese and I thought it would be a great idea to add some cauliflower to it to sneak in a few more veggies into both our diets. So I played a bit with my favorite mac ‘n cheese recipe and have devised this veggie mac recipe. It’s so yummy! The creaminess of the cheesy noodles is one of my favorite parts but I do like a little bit of crunch too. So, I decided to add a crumble topping made from a combination of bread crumbs and one of our absolute favorite crunchy treats – Cheez-its! I figured they’re crunchy + cheesy – a perfect fit for the topping. Here’s my recipe:


{tutorial} How to Frame A Plate

Posted on May 11,2012 by Jennifer

I moved about two months ago and naturally I wanted to dive right in to decorating everything but I had several projects going on with clients and decorating was just not in the cards at that moment. While I got the boxes put away most of my decor was just leaning haphazardly against free wall space. This was a constant irritant to the designer in me but a reality that I had to deal with nonetheless. But as I’ve spent a little more time in my new home, I’m so glad I didn’t just start banging away with the decorating because waiting has helped me to “learn” about my new home – how I use it and what I really want to see on my walls.


{let’s make a} White Chocolate Strawberry Tart

Posted on May 9,2012 by Jennifer

As I sat and stared at the berries we had gathered I dreamt of all the possibilities that that little bushel held – homemade jam, butter, pie, ice cream, oh the list could go on and on… but I knew I didn’t have a limitless supply so I had to narrow it down to one or two really good choices. Hello, White Chocolate Strawberry Tart! It has so many favorite flavors – white chocolate, cream cheese, vanilla and of course STRAWBERRIES! And as with all my recipes, it’s e-a-s-y to prepare!


{let’s go} Pick Your Own Strawberries

Posted on May 7,2012 by Jennifer

We love strawberries and since they’re in season I thought it would be fun to take my daughter on our very first strawberry picking adventure. I realized I had never been strawberry picking before which is strange considering all the orchards I grew up around so I was especially anxious to get out there and get picking!

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