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Blessing of the Hounds in Keswick

Posted on November 30,2011 by Jennifer


How to Tips for Marketing to Magazines

Posted on November 15,2011 by Jennifer

Ah, magazines! To hold one in our hands and see a creation of ours staring back from the glossy page can make most of us positively giddy! For many getting featured in a magazine is near the top of our dream list and “How to do it?” is a question that I get asked all the time.


My 2011 Mistletoe Market booth

Posted on November 14,2011 by Jennifer


A Visit to Old Luckett’s Store part 3

Posted on November 11,2011 by Jennifer

This fresh collection of bird prints and dozens of mini boxwood wreaths met us at the top of the stairs. I have a thing for boxwoods – I love them – how about this group on the window? Charming, yes? And so easy to recreate at home. Check out these lampshades with the chandeliers screen printed on them… clever and stylish!


A Visit to Old Luckett’s Store part 2

Posted on November 10,2011 by Jennifer

Ready for another peek into the antique goodness that is the Old Luckett’s Store? Here we go! In this first group of photos above we’re getting ready to step onto the front porch… progress! But the bottom two photos are one last look at the fun finds outside. One more group of jolly red doors – they are just so festive and fun aren’t they? And those giant pinecones are lovely. Must remember to get some of those, sadly I forgot to pick them up at the store :-(


Greenwood Favorites :: November 9th

Posted on November 9,2011 by Jennifer

I popped into the Greenwood Country Store yesterday to check on my booth space and to snap some of my favorite items in the shop to share with you today! This store is filled with so many treasures that it was hard to choose… But here are three items that I think would be ideal in any room where you are looking to add a little bit of “Farm Chic Style”!


Mingle magazine review

Posted on November 8,2011 by Jennifer

A couple of months ago I heard about a new magazine that would be debuting this Fall called Mingle and that it was going to be all about unique celebrations. Being the “Celebrating” type of girl that I am I was immediately intrigued. Well, it’s here and I want to be sure you don’t miss it because not only is it lovely but even more importantly it is truly inspiring!


A visit to Old Luckett’s Store part 1

Posted on November 7,2011 by Jennifer

I’m a big fan of Miss Mustard Seed and the Graphics Fairy blogs. Lately they’ve been chatting about getting ready for the Luckett‘s Open House and I didn’t know what Luckett’s was so I did a little digging online and when I realized it was a store only a couple of hours from where I live my friend Dara and I (and my little one!) decided it was time for a road trip! Bright and early this past Saturday morning we set off not quite sure what we would find but enjoying the beautiful sunshine and time together.


How To Organize a Bookshelf

Posted on November 4,2011 by Jennifer


My little corner at Greenwood Country Store

Posted on November 3,2011 by Jennifer

Recently I’ve been fielding extra inquiries locally for my cards (thank you Lord!) from customers who couldn’t find them in town. Now while a couple of stores in Charlottesville carry my line they tend to order seasonally and I can’t control what they stock. Now my intention is never ever to compete with my retailers (Oh, how I need them!) I did want to supplement the market in town. I thought having a space in my local Country Store would be a perfect stopgap! So, I’ve just begun renting a little corner at the Greenwood Country Store for my cards and other paper etcetera.

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