Another wedding!

Robin & Steve

Before I begin I want to tell you that the photos from the last post were by the amazing Jen Fariello! I forgot to tell you all that and I wanted to be sure to correct that faux-pas!! Thank you Jen for the beautiful images!

I'm really on a role with the wedding updates and have another stunning Virginia summer wedding to share. This couple is Robin & Steve and they were married at the UVA Chapel and the reception was held at Ash Lawn-Highland. Click here to see the wedding in my portfolio. We had a ball that day! Enjoy these photos by Eric Kelley.

Robin & Steve

Happy Thursday!


Portfolio updates…!

Brooke & Craig

I am finally stealing a few minutes to update my portfolio. It is woefully out of date – we've been so busy putting together these glorious weddings that I haven't had a moment to update the website! Well, get ready for a slew of new fabulous Charlottesville weddings. I'll be updating every couple of days so please keep checking back.

Brooke's reception centerpiece

Today's fabulous couple are Brooke & Craig – two of the sweetest folks out there! Enjoy their green, cream & chocolate wedding day – mmmm….delightful!

Happy Monday!


Happy Easter!

My Dream Easter Basket

It's amazing that Easter is this weekend. Where is the time going?!
While I will be celebrating all the joy of Easter and thankful for God's amazing gift I couldn't help but think of a few fabulous gifts that I would love in my ultimate easter basket! I've pasted it here to share with you. 
So tell me, what would you put in yours? I'd love to hear your wishes!
Happy Thursday & Happy Easter!
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