Be Resolved!


As 2008 is ending my mind is turning to thoughts of 2009. What will it be like? What will I accomplish? These questions have even more meaning for me this year because my grandmother just passed away on Christmas Day… barely a week ago. She was diagnosed only 5 weeks ago with cancer and is now gone. 
Life is so fleeting, I want to remember to take advantage of every moment that God gives me. I love this photo of the woman looking towards the horizon, seeing the journey ahead and with walking stick in hand, she is prepared to face it. I want to be prepared too! So, as I gaze out on the adventure of a new year ahead, I want to embrace every moment that I have and dare to dream! My resolutions for 2009? Be full of faith, hope and courage. With God's grace, these tools will get me through every step on my journey.
I hope you will join me in being brave and daring to dream really big! We can do it!!
Happy New Year!

Homemade Holiday Gifts


I love the holidays! Christmas has always been one of my most favorite times of the year and I especially love an excuse for having a huge bake-fest. I turn on a favorite classic movie like Christmas in Connecticut  (my all-time favorite!) or White Christmas and preheat the oven.


Giving gifts from the kitchen is a trademark of mine. I believe that giving a homemade gift is so meaningful. Thinking about your loved ones likes & dislikes and taking the time to prepare a treat especially for them, how divine!

The Better Homes & Gardens website has some fun and creative packaging ideas that I hope will inspire you to step into the kitchen and mix up a batch of something thoughtful and delicious! If you are looking for a few new recipes to try, they have some tasty treats for your consideration like Chocolate Crinkles, Honey Macadamia Nut Fudge, and Buttermilk Pralines to name a delicious few!

I wish you Happy Baking!


Soothing Hot Tea

Hot Tea 
I've been busy decorating my house for Christmas and I seemed to have unpacked a bit more than just decorations. It appears that I've also unpacked an army of allergens because I can't seem to stop sneezing! Determined to not get sick right before the holidays – I'm turning to my trusty friend hot tea. My favorite blend is organic Echinacea Elder tea. It really works at keeping me going at full speed! The flavor is slightly sweet on its own so I don't need to add any additional sweetener (or calories). Whereas with traditional echinacea tea I find myself dumping in the honey!
Whole Living gives some really interesting recipes for making your own healing teas in this article. Would you care for a cup of Fatigue Fixing tea? I know I would.
Do you have a favorite cold-weather immune builder? If so, I'd love to hear about it! 
In the meantime, I wish you a healthy and warm cup of tea. I'm off to brew mine, right now.

Happy Wednesday!


Handmade gift tags


It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas – especially at my house! As some of you may know, I am busy at work writing a book on easy and fun ideas for entertaining at home. (Such an exciting project! I can't wait to share it with you all.) Next Tuesday we will be shooting the December chapter, so today has been full of activities like putting up the tree, and beginning to place decor. I'm excited to see how it will all turn out but in the meantime, I still have to think about Christmas gifts for my friends and family. My assistant Jenny found these handmade wooden tags and I love them! They would also be really simple to make if you were feeling creative. If you would rather buy a set you can order them through Etsy. They measure 2.5" tall and would also be super cute ornaments!

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