Power Breakfast, Oatmeal with banana and trail mix, quick healthy breakfast recipe, Celebrating Everyday Life with Jennifer CarrollI know, I know, it’s been ages & ages, and I truly am sorry. I miss you and really appreciate you hanging in there with me when I get sporadic like this. There are some big projects going on plus all the little day-to-day things and often I find myself in that place of something’s gotta give. Can you relate? I’m sure you can. But, today is a new day and here I am, delighting in having a little chat about one of my most favorite “go-to” breakfasts. I have two breakfasts that I love right now and this is one of them. It is comprised of steel-cut oatmeal, topped with sliced banana and trail-mix. It’s pretty easy to pull together and has a good amount of “staying power” with me through busy mornings.

Mother's Day Printable, Free Mother's Day Printable, Your Love has always been my anchor, Anchor illustration, Free Printable, Nautical Printable, Celebrating Everyday Life with Jennifer CarrollOh. My. Goodness. Where, oh where, does the time go?! I have been swamped, per usual… and I miss you! Can you believe it’s already almost Mother’s Day? We just had a Mother’s Day concert and tea party at my daughter’s pre-school (which was absolutely adorable!) but I was like, “What? It’s Mother’s Day already?? Isn’t that a couple of months away still??!!” Alas, the days are whoosing past at an alarmingly fast rate and I’m being swept along in their current. My sister recently moved back here from Los Angeles which has been thrilling and also brought with it lots of fun new adventures. One of which I am excited to share with you quite soon – stay tuned for that post. In the meantime, I have put together a sweet little Mother’s Day Free Printable for you to enjoy.


How to Stage a Bar (without booze!)

Posted on April 22,2015 by Jennifer

Home Staging Tips, Home staging ideas, How to style a bar, decorate a Bar, how to decorate a bar, celebrating everyday life with jennifer carrollHome bars are all the rage right now. They’ve always been popular but thanks to shows like Mad Men they seem to experiencing a real revival. But what do you do when you want to have that bar look without loading up on expensive bottles of alcohol or you don’t even drink? Well, here are a few tips I have for creating a petite bar space without breaking the bank!


How to Stage a Kitchen!

Posted on April 16,2015 by Jennifer

Home Staging Before + After, Home staging ideas, How to stage a Kitchen, decorate a Kitchen for sale, how to decorate a kitchen, celebrating everyday life with jennifer carroll

Wow, I’m so glad you all have been enjoying my “How to Stage” series!! I have been sincerely blessed and encouraged by the amount of traffic it’s been getting so thank you, thank you, thank you for reading and sharing these posts!! In case you’ve missed one, we’ve talked about How to Stage a Bedroom and How to Stage Bathrooms. Today we continue the tour of this home I staged, and we’re heading into the kitchen. There’s an old saying that “kitchens sell homes” while I don’t think that one room alone is the beginning and end of all home buying decisions, I do think they are a major contributing factor. So, if you are planning to sell – spend some extra time making sure your kitchen really shines!


Quinoa, Barley, & Lentil Pilaf Recipe

Posted on April 15,2015 by Jennifer

Quinoa, Barley & Lentil Pilaf recipe, healthy living recipe, healthy side dish recipe, easy side dish recipe, real food recipe, whole grain recipe, celebrating everyday life with Jennifer CarrollAs I’ve mentioned before, we are endeavoring to eat more “real food” around here and one of the biggest pitfalls I’ve noticed is when trying to incorporate more whole grains into our diet. Do you have much experience with whole grains? If you do then you probably know what I’m about to say – these things take a LONG time to cook! Which can be mighty inconvenient when you’ve been rushing around all day and you’re trying to put dinner on the table in roughly 30 minutes… So, imagine my delighted surprise when I came upon a package of Red Quinoa, Green Lentils, Barley and Brown Rice at my local Harris Teeter grocery store (and no, this isn’t a sponsored post) that boast a cooking time of a mere 15 minutes!


How to Stage a Bathroom (or two!)

Posted on April 13,2015 by Jennifer

Home Staging Before + After, Home staging ideas, How to stage a bathroom, decorate a bathroom for sale, how to decorate a bathroom, celebrating everyday life with jennifer carrollI’m back with more staging advice. Did you check out the how to stage a bedroom post? Well, today we’re chatting about staging a bathroom. Like the bedroom, less is definitely MORE in here. In this first bathroom, I found these white damask towels and loved them. I know they are a great neutral that I’ll be able to use in many more bathrooms that I stage. But, since the bathroom itself is mostly white, with the exception of the pretty floor, I wanted to add a little bit of drama. This dark grey curtain hits just the right note – especially since this shower/tub combo has a window in it. Otherwise the shower curtain might have overwhelmed this petite space.


Tips for How to Stage a Bedroom to sell!

Posted on April 10,2015 by Jennifer

Home staging ideas, How to stage a bedroom, decorate a bedroom for sale, celebrating everyday life with jennifer carrollYou know how much I love to decorate, right?! I mean, I’m always sharing little decorating ideas with you all… I do have a bit of training in decorating plus two decades of experience in event decor and design so this is obviously something that I am pretty passionate about. Well, my parents are considering selling their home and asked me if I would help them with some “home staging” – I of course said “Yes, yes, yes!” and dove right in. (I’ll be sharing those pics with you soon, don’t worry!) but while doing that project, I re-discovered how much I love home staging. So, I reached out to a friend of mine who is a realtor about doing some home staging for her. She’s familiar with my style and kindly gave me a chance on a new listing of hers. Today, I’m going to share the bedroom before and after.

Simple Wooden Eggs, Simple Easter Decorations, Happy Easter, Celebrating Everyday Life with Jennifer CarrollOh my goodness, time is passing at lightening speed and I just had to hop in (hee, hee, I couldn’t resist!) before Easter passes to say “Happy Easter” to you my dear, sweet friends!! I was recently in Target and found these precious wooden Easter eggs (in case you are curious, they were back near the Easter candy) and I just loved the simple beauty of them! For me, they need no other adornment, they are perfect as they are. And, I thought you might enjoy them too.


Easter gift bag on a budget!

Posted on March 24,2015 by Jennifer

Easter gift bag on a budget, Easy easter gift idea, Easter decorating, Celebrating Everyday Life with Jennifer CarrollHello! Can you believe that it is already the end of March? Goodness, gracious. The time is flying. Life has been busy ’round here lately and I am sorry I’ve been a bit M.I.A… I have a super cute Irish blessing printable that I wanted to share with you before St. Patrick’s Day but time got away from me, but I will share it soon anyway… But today, I have a fun and very budget-friendly Easter idea to share with you. I was in line at Target yesterday and overheard some folks talking about how expensive Easter gifts are getting and I thought it would be fun to create a stylish but inexpensive gift idea.


Spring Bedroom Makeover : Creating a Blue & White Bedroom

Posted on February 27,2015 by Jennifer

A Spring Bedroom Update, Creating a blue & white bedroom, blue & white bedroom, turquoise bedroom, Waverly bedroom, How to decorate your master bedroom, Celebrating Everyday life with Jennifer CarrollMy obsession with Blue & White has now reached my bedroom! I didn’t exactly plan it… I was pretty happy with this room, you can see what it used to look like here, but as I began incorporating blue & white in other areas I got more and more curious about adding a few touches in my bedroom too. Then one afternoon, my daughter and I were walking through my local Belk department store when I saw this comforter set (by Waverly) and I literally stopped in my tracks. It was so cheerful and colorful – just the color infusion I desired for Spring/Summer – plus, it blends both the turquoise that is currently in my room with the coveted blue & white. Bonus, it was on sale! So, loaded down with the King sized set, my four-year-old and I hauled it through the mall and back to the car and gleefully headed home.

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